14 Dec

A deep, raw voice holds your attention for a while, making you wonder what the song and music is all about?   Then you want to listen to some more songs, and start paying attention to the lyrics and by the time you have heard 2-3 songs, she consumes you! Yes that is what Adele’s voice and songs do to you. Its an addiction you can’t get rid off! And must say this young 23 year old singer is extremely talented, along with her powerful vocals, she can also play the guitar, piano and percussion and the keyboard.

The songs that she writes makes one ruminate about how deeply she was in love and with what intensity she hates her ex! Her song reflects varied emotions of anger, revenge, heartbreak, self-examination and finally forgiveness. Not to mention her voice leaves an awe-inspiring and splendid effect on the listener. She has sung each song with great intensity and that translates into her voice and reaches your heart. Sort of pierces it through. You can feel the pain and anguish in the songs and wonder, such a talented & blessed person has gone through love-crisis and the best part of it all, it made her what she is today.

Unlike other artists who sell skin apart from theirs songs, and which of course is a talent, Adele has a very unassuming attitude and has a very mellow look on her face. At 23, Adele has achieved a great amount of recognition, fame and success. She won 2 Grammy Awards for her debut album in 2009 and in 2011 she won 3 Grammy awards – for record of the year, song of the year and best female pop vocal performance. In all she has won 24 awards thus far, which I am sure is a great achievement for any artist.

To sum it up, I would say, music industry gets yet another gifted and talented artist. Wishing Adele all the luck and success all through her career!

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One response to “Rising STAR – ADELE

  1. thandapani

    February 21, 2012 at 5:11 am

    I haven’t heard her, but of course, followed her success at the Grammy’s. I must listen to some songs of hers.

    Nice write up V.


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