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Mom……My strength

I was contemplating for a long time now as to what exactly to write in this post….This is a very special post for me and is dedicated to my Mom.  I initially thought I would just post a poem which  I had written some 6 years back for a competition and I won first prize for the poem  in my college….But then it would be just a poem and not everything I want to write….

My mom is my pillar of strength, she is my inspiration, my mentor, guide, teacher(even by profession she is a teacher), my best friend. I am influenced a lot by her and the way she conducts her life…. I have lot of qualities inherited from her but there are things where in we are complete opposites, like she is very soft spoken, where as I am a loudspeaker, She is calm and patient, where as I am restless and impulsive, she is a good listener & I am a chirpy talkative brat! Things which I have inherited from her are both good and bad. I cannot argue or get pissed with someone who is very close to me, I cook good food( I know its like self praise), I have sharp features like her, she was an athlete in school and so was I. She is very active, is a workaholic and is very fit and so am I.

Well for the past 7 years I have been away from home and meet her only once in 3 months and hardly get enough time to spend with her….But this time when she came down to Bangalore on a vacation I spent like 4 weeks and had the best time of my life with her…We would go out shopping, go to have dinners and chat away to glory after I came back from the office.

What I admire about her is her will power and strength……..Being the elder one I got to spent more time with her and thus she too can relate to me….I have seen her go through the most roughest times, but never would she once curse or crib….She always would tell us( my younger sis n me),  “everything has a reason and it has to be good, because God loves you a lot and can never do anything that is appalling for you”. And till date whatever the situation be she has never given up…..For me she is a Woman of substance, and I would always want to be like her……

With my freinds she is as pally as I am and infact after a point of time, interacting with her they become so close and attached to her that I get to of things about them from her….She is a huge animal lover and our home back in Gujarat has been shelter to many wounded birds and animals….Well that is also a common thing that we share….She is an awesome person and she celebrated her b’day this month so then it is an obvious dedication to her….



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“I was watching this song Crazy by Aerosmith on VH1,  the show Sunday brunch and Aerosmith happens to be one of my fav rock bands. I was at my cousin sister’s place who is married for 5 years now. Well since it was a weekend, I had nothing much to do apart from playing with my 2 year old nephew, after a while I switched on the television  and starting browsing through different channels which stopped @ VH1….I had just started listening to this song and my bro-in-law walked into the room. He saw me watching the show and asked me if I was watching a rock song (with an expression as if I was watching some porn movie with my little nephew around), and I very casually replied yes and then he asked me if I listen to rock music & I replied yes. And then what, it was like I committed a mortal sin. He asked me how long was it and I again replied 3 years now and then he went on to tell me how I am anti-Christ because I listen to Rock Music….I know like most of you reading this post even my expression was, “WHAT THE HELL”…Probably he related it this way, in Church when we sing a hymn it is said we praise God twice, so if I listen to rock music probably I am praising Satan…I wanted to tell him JUST GET LOST….But my bro-in-law that he is I couldn’t say anything, but just give him a blank look.

Well this incident took place about a year back! But what made me write this post? Well the other day we had been out after the office to McDonald’s (which I hate), with my colleagues and one of our ex-colleagues was joining us. We were having a normal chat session about his future plans and work, new clients etc… All of us being music lovers and appreciate or rather have a ear for Rock music were talking about the songs when we all of a sudden started talking about horror movies and then here came the topic of Anti-Christ…..Hotel California by Eagles, I read somewhere if played reversed has connotations to the Satan and the similar thing about Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin …….

A thought just triggered in mind…….. How many factions exist in this world, we may be aware about a few of them. I am sure most of us have heard and know about Agnostic theism, Atheism…. Let me elucidate a few……


FREEMASONS- ‘Born in Blood’, that’s the religion that they live on. They are a secret society in deception & is concealed. Once you are a apart of it, you have no choice as in, you can’t get out of it. This will give a better idea


ANTICHRIST– According to Christianity is every act and deed that is against Christ and Bible. Something interesting that I found.

I would love to elaborate and write on each of them(which I shall surely do)

Well most of us believe in religion and have some kind of faith, depending on our upbringing, our mentality, the exposure we have, the place we belong to.  But then for everyone probably its a varied quotient. I wouldn’t want anyone to impose especially religion on me…..In fact I think most of us mold religion according to our convenience.

I would like to end with a quote from the book The Alchemist, ” Fear of suffering is greater than suffering itself”


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Does proximity really matter?

Humans that we are it is in our blood and nature to share our thoughts and feelings with someone or some people we are close to. (here I don’t mean just physically close)…..Who can keep things in a closet especially when you are extremely happy, achieved something,something exciting happening in your life, unpleasant things, when life’s ruthless, times when nothing seems to be going right…Well these are so routine things! Apart from this there could be things you would want to talk about probably….If you have slapped a guy, back answered or insulted your boss, asked a guy/girl out, had a sad date,  your jaw dropped when you saw a handsome guy and then you dropped when he spoke something, etc….

But here is something I have been doing since probably my high school. Well I was a complete tomboy in school, was an athlete and was big time into sports, so my core attention would be sports, extra curricular activities and yes studies also….Fortunately I had brains enough not to mug up things, could fare well in exams even if I studied the last moment which was anyways the case….Because of all these things I dint have much time for boys at that point in time…all my friends would be like either hitting on boys or being hit on……and then they would come to me with their heartbreak stories, or how to enhance their relationship, or how to break up etc….Well I was and I am very good at solving problems or rather giving them solutions which can be implemented…..

That was high school and thus somehow I became a person who people rely blindly on and come with all of their issues…..Now this is something that was a little weird for me to resolve and I am yet to come up with a solution for one of my very good friends. May sound very silly and trivial but thus it is…..My friend loves chatting on the net and she religiously does that every single day….One fine day she happen to chat with a stranger, a guy she had never met nor knew or heard from before….She started chatting as just another thing and now before she could realize, she kinda has got attached to him. Now here the issue is that she has never met the guy before, but yes has spoken to him…..He lives abroad and she in India…According to her he seems to be a decent guy but then she does n’t know where it is leading her to….Ya the most simple solution the obvious thing would be she shouldn’t have entertained him in the first place. Now that we cannot undo things, what she feels is she may fall in love with that guy. So in the first instance I told her, stop talking to that guy. How does it matter when you know you are not going to meet him in the near future…..According to her even if she stops talking to him, she says she has started missing him and is getting attached to him with every passing day…Now to add to her misery, she doesnt know if the guy feels the same way as she does and is absolutely clueless as to what has he on his mind for her, apart from the fact that he finds her intelligent,  sweet, geniun and caring.

Well I am still to figure out as to how to get her out of this situation, but then I was wondering, many a times we feel or believe that we can relate to a person only if the person is in physical proximity….But then, I also know of my friends and acquaintances who have fallen in love through social networking sites and today are happily married….So my dilemma here is as to what to advice her, to get over it and move on in life or to go with the flow till the guy expresses whats on his mind!


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Dealing with PMS

One issue which will remain an issue for all women till menopause is Premenstrual syndrome or PMS. This is one sad thing that has neither any medication nor is unavoidable.  PMS is like a horn or a warning signboard of the forth coming danger.

According to Wikipedia,” PMS is a collection of physical, psychological and emotional symptoms related to a woman’s menstrual cycle.”


While it may sound just another routine problem that is a part of a woman’s physical attribute, it is not that simple! In the first place it is the most repulsive phase of the month for a woman. The symptoms vary from irritation,  terrible mood swings, tension , depression, dysphoria(unhappiness) to headaches, backaches, stomach cramps leg cramps. for physical agony at least there are medicines that can be consumed and pain eased. But there is no solution as such to the other syndrome. Then there are hormonal changes that a woman goes through every month during her menses which is not a very pleasant thing either.This is may sound surprising but during menses most of the women have some or the other kind of craving for food.

Here are a few tips or rather a few ways of dealing with PMS:

  • The most important thing, around menstruation date, try not being alone. Loneliness ads to the agony.
  • As soon as one gets a craving to eat something, its better to feast on it for the sheer joy of it. It will make you happy.
  • Try and have loads of liquids, sweets(not chocolates unless you have the craving for it) and cooling stuff to ease your mood swings
  • Indulge in things that make you feel happy- The feel good factor!
  • Consume multi-vitamins capsule that will help you overcome fatigue and will keep you active
  • Sleep well. You will wake up fresh and in good mood
  • Avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol & cigarettes
  • Exercise regularly to stay fit and active

For guys a few things to keep in mind and understand the situation:

  • Its not a very a pleasant thing for us so please do not irritate and bug us by making us wait somewhere, or arguing.
  • Every month we are going to have PMS unless we are pregnant, so for a few days try and make us feel good, keep us happy if you do not want to bear the brunt of it
  • If we have cravings we cant help it so do not say we are obnoxious, instead be sweet and get us what we want or accompany us
  • Pamper us during those times so that we are calm and can deal with our PMS

Well there could different and various other ways of dealing with PMS, but most of them do not work as they are not very effective. But then we are God’s creation and can’t question his creativity, but can definitely enhance it.


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Eye Candy!

I am sure most of us love advertisements and don’t mind them during the commercial breaks as they are entertaining, informing,  selling , calls for action, creates perception etc…. Most of the times I watch ads because they bring a smile on my face, make me wonder about the creative genius behind these ads and entertain me to a great extent…But then being in the media industry that I am, I do understand the strategy and communication aspects behind ads….

Here is something a layman wouldn’t know about how advertisers and creative agencies who are the brains behind successful and unsuccessful ads work. Well the client who is the owner of a particular brand would give the brief to the ad agency based on which the agency has to come with the creatives whether print or TVC ( television commercial). But the problem lies here, most of the brand owners want maximum eyeballs which is of course audience attention and top-of-mind recall. So there are two ways of achieving this:

  1. A very creative and innovative ad
  2. Use a celebrity or a hot woman in the ad

With most of the big brands allocating humongous budgets for advertisements, having a brand ambassador like Amitabh Bachhan for ICICI, Shah Rukh Khan for Airtel, Amir Khan for Samsung, Sushmita Sen for Pantene, or Aishwariya Rai for Nakshatra which is the most effortless way of capturing and reaching the target audience.

But then what about those brands which don’t have enough money to spend on advertisements. What do they do? Whant advertising/marketing gimmick do they use?


What I have observed for a long time now is that these advertisers use a hot looking woman/girl in the ad and the purpose is served well. Here I have a few instances to quote.


  • What has a topless woman to do in a jeans ad? Calvin Klein
  • Women in swim suits or undressing in an Axe deo ad
  • Girls undressing in a men’s hair gel ad- brill cream
  • Woman being seduced in Old spice after shave lotion ad
  • Girls kissing a model in Amul macho ad- Prepare to get assaulted is the tag line


Well there are many such ads on the list. I understand if it is a lingerie ad, condom ad, shampoo creams cosmetic ads where the target audience are primarily women. I have no qualms about women appearing in ads either, my only point of concern or disgust is why are women used in ads where they have no relevance and all the more why show the half nude or undressing?


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Bangalore vs Mumbai

Ya there is no song composed on Bangalore… what?

What’s the big deal if the deadline is 11.30 pm in Bangalore where as one can party whole night in Mumbai…

If there’s party culture in Mumbai, there is Rock culture in Banglaore….Bangalore may not have great disco discotheques, but it has rocking Pubs.

Bangalore has witnessed  greatest rock concerts ever right from Iron maiden to Aerosmith to Scorpions to Deep Purple unlike Mumbai where Enrique and Beyonce concerts take place where the crowd is half the size of the rock concerts.


Well if Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, Bangalore is the IT hub of the country.

Mumbai has style and bollywood, but Bangalore has time and family.

What if Ramasena went crazy in Bangalore, Mumbai has its share of Shiv sena every now and then.

We may not have local trains to commute, but we have amazing volvo buses.


Bangalore may not be surrounded by water or sea, but the city is full of trees and lush greenery….It is called the ‘Garden City’ of the country…

Bangalore may not be home to bollywood stars but is the residence of one of the greatest business tycoons of the country-Vijay Mallaya….

UB city

Bangalore may not have tall buildings, but has beautiful bungalows. Well there are many things and aspects about the city which cannot be captured in this post. One must visit to experience the beauty and charm of this city.

Well this post is dedicated to the beautiful city ‘Bagalore’.


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oNe lIFe tO lIVe!

” I wish for a wish,

sometimes its so hard to find, that perfect line,

If I had wings, I would fly and come to you,

If   I were a cuckoo, I would sing a melody for you,

If I were a peacock, I would dance in the rain”

Well well well this is no romantic post…..Just that the little poet in me came out…..It was just the other day that one of my colleagues asked me, hey if you were not a public relations’ professional what would you be? And I told him 4-5 different things that I wanted to do…Or rather, let me put it across this way…. I wanted to pursue different careers and all of them seriously thought about and magnanimous in their own way…..

I wanted to join the army and gave my entrance for SSC (Short service commission) got through, but then due to emotional blackmail from home had to give it up!

After that I decided I wanted to be a journalist, broadcast and be  investigative or crime reporter…..But then things dint materialize..

Then I thought chatter box that I am, I should try an RJ’s job….Went for audition, got shortlisted, but had to sign a contract for 2 years which I couldn’t do at that point of time as I was in my second year degree college and on vacations would go home….

All of this was when I was graduating and had to decide my career move very meticulously. Well people may think that I must be confused…No I was not at all confused nor am I confused now. Well its just that I wanted to have different careers at the same time….. If given a chance even now I would love to pursue all of the above mentioned careers.

In fact many of us fall in 3 categories;

  1. I chose this career as it is the most chased and aspired in the market
  2. I happen to be in this field just by chance
  3. I chose this career because it pays me well

There could be hundred other reason as to why people choose to do what they are doing, but then most of us feel that we would have been better off or rather performed better if we were doing the things which we were passionate about. It could be dancing, sports, singing acting, modeling, making handicrafts or anything…It also has to with the societal norms, or parents to a great extent  who push us to do the set agenda stuff….It has to be the mainstream things…If the kid is doing what is not regular  education stuff and wants to pursue something different, parents gt paranoid and assume that their kid is good for nothing. Well I guess our generation at least will be different because of the kind of exposure and mentality that we have.

Only if we had an option that we could pursue various careers for a period of time , this world would have been a different place to live….But we have just one life and can achieve only a few things!


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