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mY biG fAt wedDINg :)

Hello everybody. I write this post as Mrs Valerine Benson :). Makes me feel delighted to writeΒ  after a break of two months.

On Saturday, 16th October, 2010 at 3.00 pm, at St. Anthony’s Church is where I took the vows of loving and being the better half (I hope I am never his bitter half ever) to the love of my life Benson.

Well wedding is definitely a huge affair and it becomes crazier if the to-be bride or groom end up doing all the running around for the wedding . The great thing about it is that you can proudly lay back and say, ‘We made our wedding a beautiful one”. And oh yes I do feel the same after the hectic time I had. (running around to ensure things are in place and under control even two days before the wedding.)

Honestly it hasn’t sunk in yet that I am married (May be because I am just 25 and a half) :P.Β  Friends and acquaintance keep asking, ‘So how is married life?, how does it feel being married? or how are you Mrs. Benson?” To which my only reply is great with aΒ  broad blushing smile. Oh yes I have started blushing a lot. Right from the day we were engaged.Β  Well I would define it specifically for myself as a free flowing happy emotion :).

Our wedding day was really amazing. We had timed everything and wanted things to go as per the schedule. But well it is a wedding house, relatives and friends and kids are around, things tend to go a little out of hand. Well the bride (of course me) arrives from Lakme Beauty Salon ( A huge thanks to my dresser – Lakshmi who did a very subtle make up for me and a lovely hairstyle) and to her dismay nobody in the house is ready including her dear mommy and sister. Oh she was furious and instead of smiling she was shouting and yelling at everybody and the poor photographer had to say, please calm down and smile, its your big-day and you want beautiful pictures to cherish. Within less than a minute there was a radiant smile all over her face πŸ™‚

Both of us arrive in Church on time πŸ™‚ I was extremely excited with hundreds of butterflies in my stomach πŸ™‚ We enter the Church and the most beautiful moment was when we exchange our vows for life, he ties the taali (mangalsutra) and we exchange rings. And then the photo session. What excitement, and I was thrilled and happy and my smile was brighter than the sunshine πŸ˜› And as soon as we sat in the car, I hugged my husband and said yayayayayay, we are married can you believe this? He was like oh yes we are married. (I could read his mind saying, Oh s**t man I have lost my freedom πŸ˜›

The funny part, I was feeling super hungry (and yes my friends Shrey, Adi, Poojitha and Mitesh would know how crazy I go when I am hungry and don’t get food.). we did not obviously carry food nor did we want to go in our wedding clothes to a restaurant. So the best man volunteered to get some quick bite for me. We reached pretty early to the reception hall and discovered there was KFC nearby and I had a zinger burger with coke πŸ™‚ I guess KFC should make an ad about how famous they are. A bride goes to KFC to eat a zinger burger after her wedding :).

After we reached the reception hall, it was great fun. Our lovely friends Kynan, Joel and Michelle were playing DJ for the evening and ourΒ  awesome MC- Kynan made us dance and dance and it was super fun. It was great to see friends and family members coming from near and far to bless and be a part of our special day πŸ™‚

After the wedding, there is a tradition, where the bride’s entire family goes to drop her to her in-laws’ place.Β  All my aunts, cousins and uncles came to drop me and while giving me the last hug everyone was crying except for me.Β  And after all of them left, my sweet father-in-law takes out a handkerchief and asks me, ‘ Are you not going to cry?” I just smiled and said no. Well my excitement was not yet over :). The only thing I was feeling sad about was that I would not be able to wear my beautiful gown again 😦

This new phase of life has slowly started to grow on me and yes it is a new discovery every day πŸ™‚



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