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A deep, raw voice holds your attention for a while, making you wonder what the song and music is all about?   Then you want to listen to some more songs, and start paying attention to the lyrics and by the time you have heard 2-3 songs, she consumes you! Yes that is what Adele’s voice and songs do to you. Its an addiction you can’t get rid off! And must say this young 23 year old singer is extremely talented, along with her powerful vocals, she can also play the guitar, piano and percussion and the keyboard.

The songs that she writes makes one ruminate about how deeply she was in love and with what intensity she hates her ex! Her song reflects varied emotions of anger, revenge, heartbreak, self-examination and finally forgiveness. Not to mention her voice leaves an awe-inspiring and splendid effect on the listener. She has sung each song with great intensity and that translates into her voice and reaches your heart. Sort of pierces it through. You can feel the pain and anguish in the songs and wonder, such a talented & blessed person has gone through love-crisis and the best part of it all, it made her what she is today.

Unlike other artists who sell skin apart from theirs songs, and which of course is a talent, Adele has a very unassuming attitude and has a very mellow look on her face. At 23, Adele has achieved a great amount of recognition, fame and success. She won 2 Grammy Awards for her debut album in 2009 and in 2011 she won 3 Grammy awards – for record of the year, song of the year and best female pop vocal performance. In all she has won 24 awards thus far, which I am sure is a great achievement for any artist.

To sum it up, I would say, music industry gets yet another gifted and talented artist. Wishing Adele all the luck and success all through her career!

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tHe iVORy cOASt sINGEr

Music moves one’s heart and soul….Different people, different choice, culture & education definitely influence choice and liking for a particular genre of music….Music can make one sway, dance, smile, feel liberated, go crazy and in my case it made me shout aloud “I want more” the first time I attended an African Jazz concert at IIM, Bangalore. This event was a part of Bonjour India, French festival in India, and I din’t have a choice but to attend this event. I am not a jazz fan so the the initial hesitation.

I thought I was going to get bored to death like the other jazz concerts that I had attended……The stage was dimly lit, all the musical instruments were well placed and there came a husky, deep and beautiful voice from behind the stage. Dobet Gnahor, a multi talented artist who sings, dances and plays percussion comes on stage and captures the audience’s attention in less than 2 minutes………This 26 years old artists is amazingly vibrant and versatile. Her music is a mix of Mandingue melodies, rumba, zulu choirs as well as jazz. She was performing to an audience who seldom enjoyed jazz and more than half did not understand the language…..Here is where language and culture no bar was apt…..The audience was enjoying every bit of her performance….The best part was that she involved the audience and made them sing in a foreign language which not many artists are capable of. This lady from Ivory coast is full of life and very down to earth….After the concert when youngsters and kids approached her for autographs she was more than happy to oblige them….

Here is a small piece from her songs…


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King of Pop will be IMMORTAL!


Today marks the 51st birthday of MJ, the eternal King of Pop…… How I wish he performed on stage one last time…..

Surrounded amidst constant controversy, right from his songs to marriage, to his surgery, paparazzies just wouldn’t stop chasing him. He  had to pay a heavy price for being a Pop  icon and yet managed to have millions of fans….

His songs were something that would move a vagabond on a street to a professor in a classroom, thus were the power of his songs…..He remains the only solo artist to compete 30 years in his career.All his albums sold in millions and songs were chart busters…Who can ever be a dancer like him…..He is just to marvelous for words or comprehension….

Despite the fact that this legend has brought together many artists on the same pulpit to perform, he was always a humble person and a lonely man….

At a phase of life where he was, it is very natural to indulge in things which are not accepted by the society and BTW who are these people in the society who decide what’s right and wrong! In fact they themselves are hypocrites of the first order…..

Yeah it is a melancholic feeling that MJ is not with us…We will never see the moon walk again…..We will never get to hear about his controversies and still love him for what he has given to the world….



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Charlie’s Angelssssss………

I left the comfort of my home (Gujarat-PS: I am not a Gujarati) right after I completed my 12th grade to pursue my higher education in Pune. The 1st 2 years of my degree college I lived in a convent hostel, where I had loads of fun but was too disciplined a kid to break rules and stuff….After that I moved to another hostel which was closer to my college and yes this one too was a convent hostel with a very strict and unfriendly nun, unlike the previous hostel.

Here I met my roommates……Talkative as I am, dint take much time or effort to get friendly with them. Petula and Sochan were their names. The room was on the 3rd floor with a open balcony next to our room. It was fabulous with loads of trees around the building and cool breeze blowing all the time…This hostel did not provide food unlike the earlier hostel though it had a common kitchen…But then the three of us decided on joining the mess which was in the premises of one the largest hospitals in Pune. The food was reasonable, yummy and unlimited for the amount we paid. Well after the three of us returned from college (all three studied in different colleges), we would wait for the other to have lunch….This was just the beginning of a great friendship…..

Our room was the noisiest and lively of all the rooms on the 3rd floor. We were suppose to switch of the lights by 10.00 pm which we never did because we would have dance session everyday from 9.30 to 11.00 pm….Fun was an understatement…..The nun who was the warden would come at around 10.15 pm evey night to check if we have switched off the lights and if any girl is missing…AS soon as we would hear the knock , we would switch of the lights as well as the music….And the warden would ask why were the lights on and we would very innocently infact blatantly lie, saying which light sister, we switched off the lights at 10.00 pm.. She would get so bugged , we could almost see fumes coming out of her ears…..This was not it. We (Petula, Sochan & myself) once ran out of the hostel at exactly 9.25 pm because the main gate of the hostel would get locked by 9.30, and went to a discotheque of course returning only next day without informing the warden. She of course got to know about our act and asked us to get our local guardians or else leave the hostel… We were left with no chioce but to get our local guardians(LG)…. Well since Petula’s older borther was her local guardian she wasnt tense… But for Sochan and me, our LGs were our family friends and it was not at all a  good idea for us to get to them to meet our warden…Well we managed to get our LG…I had a classmate who was married with a four year old kid and I got her to meet the warden…My warden complained and said that she will throw me out of the hostel if I repeat this heinious act (acoording to her) again….And for Sochan it was even more better she got her friend’s boyfriend, and of course the same warning went for her as well… After we returned to our room, we just bursted out laughing and immating the warden….

Another incident…..One fine day, when our whole hostel was getting white wash done, we joined our beds and were sleeping hugging each other, forgetting to latch the door…The warden just bardges in and stares at us……..We were like its just 10.00 pm and we will switch of the lights……But this time she had a different problem….She was bugged and stunned as to why the three of us in our shorts were hugging each other? She gave us a big lecture thinking that we were lesbians………And like usual after she left, we just laughed and immatated her….But that was not it…….Petula who was extremely short tempered got offended of the warden tagging us lesbians…She just walks out of the room in anger and the two of us follwoing her knowing that there is some drama going to take place…She knocks at the warden’s room and as soon as the door is open she started screaming at the warden sayin how dare she called us lesbians, we came from a good family and unlike her were not ruthless and merciless and greedy…….Sochan and I had to literary pull her and apologize on behalf of her…..all the girls from the 2nd floor came out and were awestruck by what happened……But the warden dint say a word to our surprise…..And then we went back to our room and after Petual calmed down just laughed and luaghed….

pic-11We were named Charlie’s Angel’s by everyone in the hostel after these  incidents (above mentioned) and continued doing all the nasty and rule breaking things in the hostel, even after being warned several times, to be thrown out of the hostel, which never happened………..


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