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Spam Talks!

India is developing in leaps and bounds and it gives me immense pleasure  to say that India is the second largest originator of spams worldwide…..Just imagine this to be the opening lines of our communications and information technology minister. Wouldn’t that be scary?

But whether one likes it or not, according to a study 10.98 percent of spams are being sent from Indian IP addresses.

We are all aware that spams are  not just junk emails but target millions of individuals at a go with direct messages. Most of us either delete them or if they are not filtered we fall  prey to such mails and invite heuristic and unwanted trouble which infect our systems.

It seems scientists at Tel Aviv University, Israel, have developed a new security system for the internet using laser. It is a bit strange, but definitely not weird because it will make hackers’ lives difficult. It seems this laser system would have a key code which can be unlocked only by the sender and reciever.  This is definitely an interesting innovation and I am sure people will look forward to using it.

While  the world is swept off by Web 2.0 and people are hooking on to all the possible social networking sites, we have no clue about hackers and the malicious scams  they craft.  To sight a simple example  of how we don’t even realize that we are being targeted and are victims of the  scams. I am sure most of us use our credit or debit cards to shop. While our cards are swiped in the machine, there is a thin layer created by the hackers and with every swipe may be 1 or 2 rupee extra is swiped which does not reflect on the bill, but is deducted from the account.  For 1 lakh people the amount is miniscule, but for a hacker it is an easy means of making 1 lakh in one day.

Well this is just one instance where we are the victims and we would not even remotely thing about it.

Like it is very rightly said, with every new technology there is a price to pay, it comes at a cost!


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Sigh the new education rule in Maharashtra!

On a saturday morning was browsing through  various news channels when I got hooked to one of the news channels. Very strange the news was about the eligibility of a student to be able to pursue further education in Maharashtra. I say it was strange and of course weird because according to the Director of technical education for any student to pursue education in Maharashtra, not only does the student have to do his schooling from Maharashtra, but his parents too should have studied in the state.

I so escaped this ridiculous rule. I understand it has not been implemented, but how can one even think of such a rule. Isn’t being Indian more than enough an eligibility factor to be able to study in any state. It definitely pinches and feels terrible as many people like me who would like to study in Maharashtra or for that matter any state, cannot even remotely dream about it and why? because we not Maharashtrians. What has caste, religion or state from where one hails to do with pursuing or wishing for better education. And by the way we live in a secular and democratic country.

The news also said it applies only to engineering, hotel management, architecture, health sciences students. How disgusting can the government get. This seems to be inspired the British rule, “Divide and rule”.

I believe that every student in this country has the right to decide and dream of studying in any part of the country. I hope and pray that this rule witnesses a big set back and failure.


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Strange but true!

A family of animal lovers that I belong to, couldn’t do much but inherited it. Its not only pets that I am crazy about, but any animal rite from an earthworm to squirrel to dogs or birds in the sky easily grab my attention and love admiring them. I grew up with animals around me. I remember my mum telling me that even as a 9-10 months old baby I would be thrilled to see animals and would not get scarred to go and play with them. In fact it was easier for mum to feed me food when dogs, cats or squirrels and rabbits were around.

But then recently I discovered something strange about animals. I never knew that animals too can be born with some genetic defects and be retarded. And it is really painful to see them. I thought it was most painful to see humans in such a state, but with animals its all the more appalling as they have to bear the brunt of human beings who care a damn!

I think if we realize that some animal is suffering, instead of being inhumane and throwing stones at them, if we cannot do anything for them we should not harm them either.

It was because of my sweet mommy that I realized that animals too can have genetic defect. I captured a few of them.

. This dog cannot see properly


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