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And I appeared in the NEWS….

This was like every other day for me, when I would venture out to Forum Mall (shopping mall) which is 5 minutes walk from where I live…..It is one crowded place over the weekend, with stupid crowd, most of them being guys, who are there most of the times checking out girls, which is typical of guys….Well it is kind of an escape for me when I have nothing to do over the weekend, shopping, buying grossery…. In fact one of my very good friend calls it a railway station, which is an apt description of the place.

Well it was 26th of January 09, 5.30 pm, when I headed to the Mall, to shop. I somehow landed up in Landmark and was checking some dvds, when I could smell something burning….The first thing that struck my mind was is it some kind of terrorist attack, where they are planning to bomb this place….So I got out of Landmark and saw smoke around the food court, Transit…The security people where there and were asking people to immediately leave the place….Well things were managed pretty well….There wasnt much chaos and fire brigade was there within 10 minutes and the people were asked to evacuate and the entire situation was under control….I of course quickly moved out of the Mall and then headed toward home…


What I dint know was, that my quote with a big picture of mine would appear in one of the news publications (Mid-Day) two days after the incident….I normally spoke to a journalist who called me and asked what exactly happened and what was my experience…..But the only hitch was that my last name was printed incorrect….But guess its ok….


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THEY were mEANt to Live for SO mUCh mORe!

Music moves our souls….(of course only for music lovers)…….Its like Solace amidst the storms, comforts when you are hurt, entertains when you are stuck in a rut…Can sweep you off your feet (if someone uses it in a apt way to make you feel, you are the One), And yes one can also experience an altogether life in a different world, where you simply get consumed! Yeah various other things that music can do apart from the above mentioned……

But what I always wondered is about the stars who with their marvelous, incredible voices have made the whole music world so damn mind blowing…..I am a music lover and yes ROCK music tops my list, followed by Industrial rock, Country, Alternative, Rhythm and blues……The bands that I adore are Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Audio Slaves, The Doors, Creed, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana….and many single artists….. I feel every band has a particular style of music that defines them……I mean one can easily identify the number being played from Iron Maiden or a Pink Floyd, a Aerosmith , a Metallica and so on…..

When one thinks about especially Rock music, the first impression is “Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll”…..And its not wrong if people tend to think that way, because most of the rock stars are drug addicts and heavily into alcohol…It is their lifestyle or trend that they follow…some survive and go on to be great legends and some still go on to become great legends but don’t really survive to witness all that success…….

A few legends I think who could have made it great, but died because of OD(drug overdose) are Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin and Kurt Cobain ( he of course shot himself)……..

jim-morrisonJIM MORRISON:- He is best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of The Door, and is widely considered to be one of the most charismatic frontmen in the rock music history…..He died at the age 28 of a heroin overdose…..

janice-joplinJANICE JOPLIN:- She rose to fame in late 60s as the lead vocalist of Big Brother and then went on to be a solo artist….She ranked 46 on the list of the 100 greatest artist of all time…….She died at the age of 27 of a heroin overdose….

kurt-cobainKURT COBAIN:- He was one of the most sort after lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist of the famous band Nirvana….He was considered as the spokesperson of the GenX in world of  the rock music……He tried to commit suicide 6 times and finally his 7th attempt took him to his heavenly abode at the age of 26…..

Well the others who survived the drug addiction and are still alive are Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath…..and many others……..

Only if these artist had been able to cope up with their drug addiction and thought that they were meant to live for so much more than being reduced to die of drug addiction ………


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How often do WE voice out?

This is like just one of the many incidents that has got me super furious and then feel so God damn helpless! Feeling wow I am educated, aware of my rights, live in a democratic country and yet just cannot reach the right means to complain or voice out my opinion….

Well among many set of principles that I follow sincerity in one of them…..I always believe that sooner or later sincerity and your hard efforts pay off….Well this time again my sincerity has given me a brief phase of anger and disgust! I was a user of Vodafone (post paid connection)…..In the first place its network sucks……….Horrible is an understatement……So I decided to switch back to Airtel, and since I had to pay the bill, I sincerely paid the entire amount and went ahead to discontinue the connection. There I got to know that the deposit of Rs 500 that I paid to get the connection could be deducted from the total amount of the bill to be paid….But I had already paid the bill, so there was no point in deducting that amount, but only to get a refund of my deposit which the guy at the service desk told me take 1 month. I was ok with that and after a month when I returned to the vodafone service store, there was another guy who told me it will take 3 months…I was a little pissed, but even then agreed and went back to return after 2 months, where sum other guy tells me there is no request placed for the refund…I was furious…He said, no problem, I shall place the request and in 15 days you will get the refund….And after that I have been to that store some 10 odd times waiting for not less that 45 minutes each time, getting to know different versions from every new person and its been 6 months now haven’t yet received the refund….

Well I have written a complaint to the vodafone care, but no reply….This is 1 such incident, I am sure everyone of us at some point of time go through such experiences and then forget about it, thinking that the system is dirty and I am not here to clean up the system, but if everyone heads with this  attitude, there will be no change…I am sure we all somewhere or the other want to raise our voices, whether it is unrequited prices of Petrol, or infrastructure of the country, taxes that we pay, the government systems and procedures….But then we just lay back thinking what difference can I alone make……But yes “a single drop does make the ocean”.


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Shopping spreee….Women vs Men!

Science has always been this massive proof book for most of us and yes one of the greatest beliefs that we nurture is Women are different from men and vice verse. Of course TRUE to the core……..who can ever deny this fact………But here I have a little thought or may be an opinion about how metro sexuality has changed the whole  scenario in present times……


Well it doesn’t come as a surprise to me, if I see a guy in pink shirt or using fairness cream or going to men’s beauty parlor often……My very good friend in college would make sure that his eyebrows are time to time threaded and he bleached his face at least once a month….I mean I wouldn’t take that much of effort because I was a tomboy through out school and degree college…..I of course mellowed down, but until recently would not bee much bothered about the shape of my eyebrows or my black (curly) locks……..

I have yet another friend who one fine day tells me that he got some oxygen facial done where he spent some 5 grands…..I was like wooow………And the same friend observes my lipstick and says yeah its caramel candy right! I was like God…I only know the brand but had forgotten the name of the shade……

guyAnd when it comes to shopping, I have seen boyfriends, husbands and guy friends cribbing about how fussy women are and how they go to 10 shops to buy just one pair of jeans or sandle……But here I have something different to say……..I had been to Pune recently(December 08), and met my very good (guy) friend and then after having coffee, we decided that since we will go shopping……Since I had to shop for him as his birthday was nearing, and also had to shop something for myself, we set to shop……I had to buy him a funky tee-shirt…….We went to a mall, I thought it wouldn’t take much time because may be he’ll check out like 3-4 shops and buy 1……But I spent like 2 hours ( not exaggerating), going from 1 store to the other…Levis, Lee, Wrangler, UCB, Pepe Jeans, Provogue, Spykar…..All of these and some of them we visited twice…..In the end he found Spykar alright and there he tried some 10 tee shirts before he finally agreed to buy one.

This is just one such incident, I have guy friends who shop for hours and hours and yet love to shop……

So I think its time all the men who crib about women taking hours to dress up, spending money on parlors and shopping crazily stop cribbing and accept that metro sexuality has hit them!


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Ouch…..Damage to the IT industry….or Brand India!

It has been rated as the country’s (India) fourth largest IT companies, serving employment to nearly 63,000 people all over the country with 66 locations across the globe and the 185th company in the Fortune 500 companies of the world…..Yes all you guys reading this have guessed it right….. SATYAM!

20 years ago with a small start-up company from Hyderabad to being 6.5billion $ company, today is almost going to drains……..Aahaan, the most important and the most difficult , goodwill that the company had earned, today has been making headlines for the past 1 week now……Not mentioning the kind of impinge it involves….Right from its stake holders to the employees to the image of the country……….All the effort for the past twenty years that every person involved in Satyam had been putting in, has tarnished its image, damage beyond repairs and irrecoverable loss…….Every media house or publication is just so God damn utilizing this opportunity to fling mud on Satyam, journalists slogging day & night to get some kind of an exclusive story to rip the man behind the scam, which has altogether of course poised India once again as, ” after all a third world country”…..

What I was wondering was, should I be surprised or feel the loss in these times of recession, think whats in store or be prepared…….If it can be Satyam…..possible a TCS(tata consultancy Service), a  Infosys,  a Wipro, a IBM…..could be involved in future scams………


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My JOY ride…….

I am so very sure each and every one of us are proud to be Indians, of course we emulate the west and why not developing is of course and important aspect of every nation. One should walk with time, neither ahead nor behind, because in both cases one gets kicked……..

I am from God’s own country, but I am ashamed to say that I’ve never been there, but yes some day I  shall definitely visit Kerala……Well since I am an army man’s daughter got to travel couple of places and then we finally settled in (jamnagar) Gujarat….I never had an opportunity to live or even visit a village. But on the 30th of December 08, I got this opportunity….My maternal aunt lives in a place which is 45 kms from Jamnagar. Now to get to that place one really doesnt have a great transport facility and moreover one has to break the journey to get to that place. My sister and I boarded a state transport bus from Jamnagar, and got off at a point, from there it was a little difficult task to get another transport to get to my aunt’s place….Somehow after half an hour we managed to get a vehicle which is gujarati is called a “Chakada” which is a modified bullet…..It makes hell lot of noise and is very uncomfortable. There is no seat as such where one can sit so we had to manage some how sitting on the rod. God my back was hurting damn badly and the roads were awesome…There were like 12 passengers squeezing in and I had all kinds of rides……Horse ride, camel ride, elephant ride and even donkey ride………And by the time I reached my aunt’s place I just crashed on the bed…..


Well this is how the vehicle looks like!

But all said and done it was an amazing joy ride which will be cherished by me!


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