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Vision or Hallucination!!!!!!!!

I would say, “A vision without the ability to execute, is probably a hallucination”. Well the vision of my career was very clear, which of course was very executable………but I did not know that this vision of mine would turn out to be a hallucination. I guess every student goes through this phase of excitment, anxeity, exhilaration, anticipation etc when campus placement approaches. Well I too went through that phase & today I am very happy working for the past nine months for a very good & renowed organization in the PR industry.

The excitment started, when TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) came for campus recruitment in August 07 to our College. They were supposedly on a hiring spree…. Wow!!!!! curiosity & anxiety are just understatment…… The first round of induction took place, where job profile was also discussed, Technical communication for media students which sounded interesting ……Resumès of the interested students were sent across……..Resumès were sortlisted & then the first round of interview happend which was technical writing. Out of 22, 16 were shortlisted and then after 2 weeks again second round of interview, which was advertising and group discussion, & after this round 11 students were shortlisted only to know that after 2 weeks there is yet another round of interview…..4 were chopped and 12 were remaining for another round of interview after 2 weeks. Now this was creating a hell lot of buzz in the college that the best students are going to be picked and how lucky are they going to be……After 2 weeks we had presentation & personal interview which brought the number down to final 6 students…….After this round we had telephonic round and finally 5 students (including me of course) made it………

This was giving me a great elevated feeling that the cream of the batch was selected to work for such a prestigious organization and our careers were set……We filled in the employment form …Except for the date of joining and salary every thing else was finalilsed…..While the 5 of us were happy with our confirmations in TCS, other companies came to college, interviewed students and they too were selected and some of them even joined immediatedly…. For a month then there was no call from TCS….Now we were getting apprehensive and tensed……….Well a couple of calls went from our college only to know that after 3 months of rigorous interviews, we were told that they are not recuriting freshers any more………..This was a ‘bolt from the blue’…..It was completely agonizing……..We were not allowed to attend any other interviews as a college rule….so other good companies came to our college campus and recurited students…………Wow ….the cream of the college was left JOBLESS!!!!!!!! It was depressing, irritating, because after the surety of being employed by TCS now we had to start the round of interviews all over again right from sending across our resume……..And by then my other classmates had already started working in various PR firms, Advertising firms, Productions houses, Media channels…….

But then of course there is no derth of opportunities in the media industry……And if one has the right attitude and the talent sky is not the limit….. So instead of waiting for college to get me a job I started forwarding my resume and attending interviews…….And of course I got offers from a couple of good firms and finally chose to work with Hanmer MS&L ………..


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