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It is just…… a lITTLe cRUSh!


Yet another crush! Yeah its an ongoing process, guess in everybody’s life…M not the only exception here!

Let me go back down my memory lane exactly 10 years ago, when I had my first ever crush…..This is what I would term as a ‘SIN’ of my first ever entry into the world of  temptations and covetousness………My first crush apparently happened to be a priest, who was of course very young and good looking and was ordained (when a brother becomes a priest) just a year ago….Whenever I attended the mass, I would just keep staring at him instead of paying attention to the homily(a small sermon) and praying….Whenever I would speak to him, with every sentence he would say ‘my child’ and I would be like please no child…..But then I out grew it once I passed my 10th grade…….

My next crush was this sweet guy who happen to be my classmate’s bother….but of course that was very short lived…

Well after this for a long time ( 1 yr) I never had a crush on anyone…I know its strange!….But then I started working for a BPO and yes how could I not expose myself to crushes………Our trainee….Oh My God! He was steaming HOT…..And I just had a mighty crush on him…….But then it again dint last for long….. 3 months and all the steam just vaporized……..After that within 2 weeks I had another crush….This time it was my manager……….He was not at all hot, nor was he great looking, but he was so cute, adorable and of course very sweet guy…….The first time I ever interacted with him, I just was swept off my feet…..And then one fine day when I was giving this gyan to my very good friend on not to waste food & how so many people don’t even get 2 square meal a day and stuff……My manager(who I had a crush on) just turns around and smiles at me! I stood still and started blushing not knowing what to say and I just ran away from there…….

After this I kept having small crushes every now and then and it just fizzled out……..

But of course since its an ongoing process at least till the time I am committed(may be even after that), yet another crush bug bit me! This time, unlike he others, I just did not like this guy at the first instance……He had this huge attitude and would just not talk…I thought he was such a snob, arrogant, and wired guy! And then since he too is in the same industry as I am in, we kept bumping into each other….this lead to meeting more often, talking more often and then before even we could become good friends, I realized that I again had a mighty crush on this guy……I mean after a long time I had this huge crush on someone and someone who I initially hated!

Well I am sure many of us go through this phase, and I wonder where did this concept of crush come from??????


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Charlie’s Angelssssss………

I left the comfort of my home (Gujarat-PS: I am not a Gujarati) right after I completed my 12th grade to pursue my higher education in Pune. The 1st 2 years of my degree college I lived in a convent hostel, where I had loads of fun but was too disciplined a kid to break rules and stuff….After that I moved to another hostel which was closer to my college and yes this one too was a convent hostel with a very strict and unfriendly nun, unlike the previous hostel.

Here I met my roommates……Talkative as I am, dint take much time or effort to get friendly with them. Petula and Sochan were their names. The room was on the 3rd floor with a open balcony next to our room. It was fabulous with loads of trees around the building and cool breeze blowing all the time…This hostel did not provide food unlike the earlier hostel though it had a common kitchen…But then the three of us decided on joining the mess which was in the premises of one the largest hospitals in Pune. The food was reasonable, yummy and unlimited for the amount we paid. Well after the three of us returned from college (all three studied in different colleges), we would wait for the other to have lunch….This was just the beginning of a great friendship…..

Our room was the noisiest and lively of all the rooms on the 3rd floor. We were suppose to switch of the lights by 10.00 pm which we never did because we would have dance session everyday from 9.30 to 11.00 pm….Fun was an understatement…..The nun who was the warden would come at around 10.15 pm evey night to check if we have switched off the lights and if any girl is missing…AS soon as we would hear the knock , we would switch of the lights as well as the music….And the warden would ask why were the lights on and we would very innocently infact blatantly lie, saying which light sister, we switched off the lights at 10.00 pm.. She would get so bugged , we could almost see fumes coming out of her ears…..This was not it. We (Petula, Sochan & myself) once ran out of the hostel at exactly 9.25 pm because the main gate of the hostel would get locked by 9.30, and went to a discotheque of course returning only next day without informing the warden. She of course got to know about our act and asked us to get our local guardians or else leave the hostel… We were left with no chioce but to get our local guardians(LG)…. Well since Petula’s older borther was her local guardian she wasnt tense… But for Sochan and me, our LGs were our family friends and it was not at all a  good idea for us to get to them to meet our warden…Well we managed to get our LG…I had a classmate who was married with a four year old kid and I got her to meet the warden…My warden complained and said that she will throw me out of the hostel if I repeat this heinious act (acoording to her) again….And for Sochan it was even more better she got her friend’s boyfriend, and of course the same warning went for her as well… After we returned to our room, we just bursted out laughing and immating the warden….

Another incident…..One fine day, when our whole hostel was getting white wash done, we joined our beds and were sleeping hugging each other, forgetting to latch the door…The warden just bardges in and stares at us……..We were like its just 10.00 pm and we will switch of the lights……But this time she had a different problem….She was bugged and stunned as to why the three of us in our shorts were hugging each other? She gave us a big lecture thinking that we were lesbians………And like usual after she left, we just laughed and immatated her….But that was not it…….Petula who was extremely short tempered got offended of the warden tagging us lesbians…She just walks out of the room in anger and the two of us follwoing her knowing that there is some drama going to take place…She knocks at the warden’s room and as soon as the door is open she started screaming at the warden sayin how dare she called us lesbians, we came from a good family and unlike her were not ruthless and merciless and greedy…….Sochan and I had to literary pull her and apologize on behalf of her…..all the girls from the 2nd floor came out and were awestruck by what happened……But the warden dint say a word to our surprise…..And then we went back to our room and after Petual calmed down just laughed and luaghed….

pic-11We were named Charlie’s Angel’s by everyone in the hostel after these  incidents (above mentioned) and continued doing all the nasty and rule breaking things in the hostel, even after being warned several times, to be thrown out of the hostel, which never happened………..


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Happy B’day Jim Morrison vs Immaculate conception!!!!!


December 8th….Happy B’day Jim(Morrison)……..Yeah today is the legendry singer’s 65th b’day…..James Dougles Morrison was born in the year 1943 in Melbourne, Florida ….Wel he was an American singer, songwriter, poet, writer and a film director with purportedly an IQ of 149…….


And 8th Decmber happens to be Mother Mary’s Immaculate conception…..The Church celebrates it as Mother Mary was created and born without the stain of original sin….

This morning I called my kid sister and had the usual chat with her……I just told her you know its 8th december……….and she was like yeahhhhhhh today is Jim Morrison’s b’day and then I told her, today is Mother Mary’s immaculate conception…..she was like Oh my god! I had forgotten…… I just laughed away……..

This reminds of one more such incident. My kid sister whose just turned 19 a month ago is a Rock head…..She lives on rock music……….We went to Church on sunday which was like a routine every week…..We open the hymn book and turn to the page announced by the choir and it read “Hallowed be thy name” and immediately she whispers……… Iron Maiden because one of their songs’ title is hallowed be thy name…………..


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Mumbai under constant scrutiny……


MUMBAI, the city that never sleeps, the financial capital of India, the bollywood habitat of the country, the fashion hub……….But does it have to pay the price of being one of its kind????? well I am sure many of us must be pondering over this after the recent terrorist attack on Mumbai………Well after expressing my grief and anger about the attack, I thought I was done. But my curiosity hasn’t stopped me from doing a little study and finding about the history of attacks that the city has been facing since 1993…..

  • The 1993 Mumbai bombings were a series of bomb explosions that took place in Mumbai on March 12th, 1993
  • In August 2003, two blasts occurred in the city – one at Gateway of India and another one at Jhaveri Bazar
  • 25th August 2005, the terror visited Mumbai,  two powerful car bomb explosions took place in South Mumbaidevi temple and Gateway of India
  • The 11th July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban railway in Mumbai…….
  • And of course the recent one on the 26th of nove 2008 we ar eall very well aware of.

My question is how many more? Is there a solution or we still have to live under constant menace? The context for what has happend in Mumbai is stunning only for those unware how a cocktail mix of wrong policies , official patronage to extremism and separatists movements have come together to destabilize India…. This only surprises those who do not know how India has been gradually relapsing into terrorist extremism between 1990 and 2008mumbai-2


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I too want to see the oUTSIDe wORLd

“I want to tell you something……..I am really very tensed……….I missed my periods this month…….I hope I am not pregnant!”, this is what a very close married friend of mine told me a few days ago. This is not too surprising because many married women react in a similar way when they discover that they are pregnant even after using protection regularly. Of course all youngsters especially with most couple working in today’s given scenario, they would want to plan as to when to start a family which is fair enough. But unplanned pregnancies are not a new concept! It is very much possible because no matter what, no condom gives 100% protection.

Well, way back in school when I was in my 12th standard, we kept having workshops and sessions on various aspects which would help us mature and face the world as we were no longer going to be in school and many of us planned to go to different cities to pursue our further studies (me being 1 amongst them). One fine day we have a group called the “Anti-abortion team” who came for a session to our school. Well we were taken to our auditorium which was the usual place for all the workshops and sessions we had.  The session began with a video which went on for almost 30 minutes…And the video showed us the different stages when pregnancies are terminated and what are the techniques used……..Just a little information because I am sure many of us are not aware of the various ways an abortion is carried out.

1) Pregnancy is divided into 3 phases called the trimesters. In the first trimester, there is a capsule/tablet which is suggested, because fetus is yet not taken its form….And the fetus just flows out in the form of blood in 48 hours.

2) In the second trimester the fetus starts developing and takes its form……In this case the doctor injects s concoction of Epsom salt and acid(i am not sure with the name of the acid) and the fetus is literary burnt and then it is operated out of the womb.

3) The 3rd trimester is the most dangerous and can be even fatal in many cases or leaving the woman inconceivable. A pair of scissors is inserted into woman’s cervix, through the vagina, into the uterus and the fetus which is almost formed into a baby, is chopped like one would chop clothes. Its head is chopped and then hands and legs, the baby is in appalling pain. The other technique used during the third trimester is by using vacuums which is again inserted into the cervix and like the a vacuum cleaner sucks dust, it rips off the baby’s head, and the remaining body and the pregnancy is terminated.

I dint not know that it was so gruesome……… and painful for the baby. After watching that video I decided that I will at lease try and resist my friends from going for an abortion unless it is a live or die situation.


1)Majority of the people believe that abortion is illegal in India, but in special circumstances when the woman doesn’t really have a choice abortion is allowed.

2)The rules with regard to when abortion is legal or not are under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and it also provides for special situations in which a woman has the right to have an abortion for her own peace of mind, like when she was raped.

3) In some circumstances, causing a miscarriage or aborting the child is an offense under criminal law. If a registered medical practitioner does an abortion according to all the conditions given under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act then the abortion is legal. However if a person has caused a miscarriage or abortion, but it was not done in good faith to save the life of the woman, then this act is punishable under law

babyBut with the western influence that we are under and in these developing times, who cares what the law has to say……….It is our sole purpose to lead a so called normal and pretentious life.

Well the unborn baby is a living being who has the right to live, not a cancerous growth or decayed tooth that needs to be extracted from the body and thrown out. It has the right to live and see the world outside the womb……….Well agian is it morally right to terminate a pregnancy or not is still a unreciprocated question…………


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