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Our World is still UNDAUNTED!!!

God yet another terrorist attack! I thought that human beings realize or at least learn from their past mistakes……But of course I realize these terrorists are not human beings! they are worst than animals…….Don’t know which category do they belong to! Of course they are insane and ruthless beings who are cowards because they hide in places and attack(throwing grenades), where do they have the guts to face the valiant people, who, even after going through the torments just get going and face the unpredictable situations thrown at them at any given point of life……

How many times will these insane beings try to intimidate and create a rucus only to return back and plan the next attack….Whose to be blamed for all the lives that these tradegies claim????? No matter what one says or does it will never take away the pain and suffering……How difficult is it for these insane beings to understand that no matter what they do, or come up with the greatest and the most horrifying terrorist plans, “‘Our lives will be undaunted”, there is going to more to every person who exists in Mumbai, than just getting panicked by these attakcs……..They have their future which they are constantly striving each day to make better and brighter because they have the courage to face life and the most appaling ciscumstances in life…..They don’t chide away from ‘LIFE’ and especially these threats to life………



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My Roommate for a day!

Crazy about animals that I am, was missing a pet in my life. Since i am a working girl, living all by myself, I wanted a roommate with whom I could share my apartment. But then I am a little to finicky when it comes to cleanliness, so did not want to get just any girl and then later regret….

dsc017321One fine day, this girl who lives in the neighborhood asked me if I still wanted a kitten which I had asked for some 2 months ago. In excitement I did say yes and the very next day got a cute, sweet and adorable golden and white kitten barely a month old. I was so happy that I just wouldn’t let it go away from me. I named it “ZUPZUP”. Play time was awesome , then came the dinner time where I had to give the little one some milk. But Zupzup would just play around with my soft toys and would run around with a little mew-mew. So then I had to forcefully try and feed it with cotton. But still zupzup dint have it. And after playing for a long time it went of to sleep. Next day (Sunday) while I woke up, Zupzup was still asleep and as soon as I opened the door it woke up and yawned and stretched, it looked so adorable……….Again it started playing and finally, happily peed on my sheet, and then just ran off. I dint mind that but i was just worried because Zupzup did hot have anything. Then i again tried feeding it milk with spoon and it wouldn’t drink. After a while it went back to sleep. I felt I was with a small little baby.

Finally after I had my lunch I forcefully fed it milk. And i put it back to sleep. I went to Church which is like my every Sunday routine and came back to see that cute Zupzup was fast asleep. But then I realised that I coud’nt keep Zupzup all alone the whole day, while I was away at work and unfortunately gave it back to my neighbor. But the saddest part was that when I went to give it back Zupzup just clinged on to me and started crying as if saying please don’t leave me. But I did not want to keep it all alone at home just to spend a fews hours with it in the night….What surprised me was the way Zupzup just clinged to me and dint want to leave me and then started crying aloud. But then with a heavy heart I gave it back and returned only to feel upset and sad…….Hope Zupzup does well………..


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“Work is Worship”, oops did I just quote someone? Yeahhhhhh heard that numerous  times, especially when I was in college, all the faculty, so called the experts from their particular industries would time and again preach this to us. But how often do we end up in an organizaton where we have good bosses who make work worth worshipping, but make it worth abhorrence.

bossWell my first encouter with such boss was when I was interning in Mumbai with a PR firm. As usual the first week was cool, but then with every passing day it became appalling. I would just hate to go office and would wait for the clock to tick 5.30 pm so that I could just run out of office. But then I couldn’t help it as I had 2 and a half months to go. My boss was a lady and to my despair was a insane woman who was absolutely unpredictable and moody. One moment she would just appreciate my work and enthusiasm and the other minute she would just snap back. I just felt miserable and was waiting for the last day of my internship. The last week arrived …….and my joys knew no bounds. I was going home after 6 months and was going to be relieved from that hell never to come back again. She was very sweet to me in the last week and offered me to join her team (of course the organization) after I completed my course, to which I smiled and thanked her, saying to myself, I don’t want to be in torment for next 2 years of my life….

Well that’s my part of the story… Let me put this as a testimonial…..My dear friend!!!!!!! I feel really very sad as he has the most appalling boss ever. Every Friday my friend would so happy after work that he doesnt have to see his boss’s face for the next two days and sunday eveing would call up and literary say Oh God! tomorrow is Monday and yet another week of work. Imagine how sad it can get, one doesnt have mental peace at work place where one spends like 9-10 hours of the day……

Yet another friend of mine has a boss who just keeps odering him and assigns him assignmens of other colleagues only because they are not efficient enough and it has to be completed as per the deadline….

Thankfullydada for me I have a very sweet, understanding, level headed (of course with no hair on his head) boss, who is calm and is very supportive. Even if i have goofed up big time, he would not shout or embarass me….Just would make me understand that I need to concentrate more and learn not to make the mistake again. Because of this sweet gesture of his, I would never want to let him down and go that extra mile to perform better as a team……..

I wish all the bosses understand that even they were juniors at some point of time and have made mistakes……No one is perfect neither can anyone be!

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The 13th Floor

A wise man once said, ” To fall in love is great…………but to stand in love is even greater…..and to get out of it at the right time is the best!!!”. Well falling in love is not a big deal………but to fall out of it takes a lot of effort…….But yes, if there are no experiments and adventure in life, its not worth living…..Crazy and adventurous that I am, how could I not fall in love….and yes fell out of it also……….Well moving to a different city ( not that the city was familiar, but had been to Bangalore on vacations) with a new job, infact the first job, new people wasnt an easy task at all….But determined and courageous ME, who believes in making things happen in life set out on this new adventurous journey……

The first two months in Bangalore were rocking……..My best friend would fly down from Kochi(Kerala) every weekend and we would go to pubs and shop on Brigade & M.G road like crazy……But then after that life became a little monotonous with me spending almost every saturday and sunday in the hostel just listening to music…….Life was like a rut, going to work and coming back and doing nothing untill I went to Pune for my convocation and of course met my best friend Manish my advice guru….He gave me all the lecture I needed to pep up my life and then i started getting in touch with all my old friends in town…….

Well after this phase one fine day I get to know a guy through common friends……..We started texting each other and decided to meet the following weekend(Sunday)….We met and had a good, decent chat and then he aksed me what was I doing  the following week when it was a holiday on a weekday. I got the hint and said nothin yet and then decided to meet. Well he wanted to take me to a place called “THE 13th FLOOR”………since I had not been to that place before I was ok with it. And yes we meet on a Tuesday and headed to this restaurant. It is located on M.G.Road and is on the 13th floor of a building called the Barton Centre….The one word I would use to describe the place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!………It has little balcony and gives you the entire view of Bangalore which is just marvelous…….the place plays conciliatory retro music which makes the whole atmosphere so very classy and appeasing ……

 All in all I had a wonderful time and a cool date…………

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Virtualization……..The in thing!!!!!!


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In this age of rapid growth and innovation, security has become the most essential facet of each ones life……But how many of us actually think of security other than our homes and the jewelery or money that we lock in our lockers……..Not many…………Because we develop technology and just leave it to the IT or the tech guys to use it or apply it to some program……..How many of us actually secure our systems(PC, Laptop) other than just installing some anti-virus (which we are not even aware of)………..

2G Smart Phones and then 3G I-Phones, wow it created such a lot of buzz in the market……But then what about the encryption of the data that was stored in it…… Here I would like to quote an example that my client always gives……..” Paris Hilton lost her cell phone……..And the other Hollywood stars had to pay the price for it……….Some guy sold all the information (not to forget her famous sex-video) for some billion dollars to someone and that guy made money overnight by selling the contact details of all the others celebs to anyone and everyone who was ready to pay a huge amount………” Well if only she had to encrypt her cell phone it would just be another cell phone lost…..

Most of us our techology savy and invest in all the possible new gadgets in the market forgetting to invest a little more on securing the data as well. There is a new concept called ‘Virtualization’ which is not at all complicated….It essentially allows one terminal to manage multiple terminals by sharing data and resource. Virtual servers and virtual deskstops manage multi- OS and multiple applications locally and remotely by passing physical and geographical limitations…..To make it more simpler, for instance if a anti-virus programme is installed in one of the network computers, the programme can be run in various PCs at different locations from just one place……….Things can be maanged from a single point………


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