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Yet another

Yes I am humbled to received yet another award for my blog and I want to thank Khanum for awarding me πŸ™‚

And I now present to you my award πŸ™‚



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The ” Miss Critique”

I never fall short of topics for my blog and love the fact that my mind is vigilant enough to think for itself. Gone are my teenage days when peers could influence me(which thankfully never happened in my case), someone’s opinion accepted by the society was the law, or some stubborn elders wanted to stick to the traditional things even if they were not reasonable. I have my opinions (highly opinionated that I am :D), my thoughts and rationale, which are duly owned and nurtured by me. Why should I go by what someone else says or thinks about people, circumstances, celebrations, calamities, fashion, movies, couture, politicians, artists, brands, government and everything under the roof of the universe?

Well here I am talking about as Wikipedia says it – “one of India’s top best-selling authors”, the one and only Shobha De. Too many adjectives out there isn’t it? I am definitely not a fan of her or what she writes in various newspapers and magazines. She suffers from what I would call, Heightened cynicism, sheer insecurity, idiosyncratic thoughts, peripatetic life. Well this dame does have the gift of the gab which she very ungraciously uses as a weapon to attack people who are either successful, or who are treading the path of success.Β  If someone has ever read even a single article authored by her, they would second me on this- she just writes negative aspects of things. If everyone raves about someone or like I mentioned earlier in my post, fashion, movies, artists etc she has to rip them apart. I mean who on hell does she think she is to impose her opinions which of course is subject to people’s discretion whether they accept it or not! One can be opinionated about things, but the overtly intelligent woman that she is, she would reflect on behalf of others as well. God this woman is the perfect example of “epitome of cynicism”. Just a few days back I was reading The Week magazine, where she happens to unfortunately be the guest author, I came across an article written by Miss critique on the Royal wedding. Well I am sure the high profile life that she leads, she was ticked off by the fact she was not invited to witness the exchange of wows by William & Kate. The article was a piece of trash where in one of the paragraphs she talks about Kate acknowledging the fact she is not a virgin and stuff. I mean wasn’t there more to the wedding? Of course it is going to be a big affair. Here we are talking about a Royal wedding which doesn’t take place every year. Even if it is hyped so what? Media blows everything out of proportion these days and that is no news to people! So what if her books are best sellers in India? Of course it will be a hit, if there is sex, gossip and crazy stuff in there.Don’t we all know that Mills and Boons is a super hit book with teenagers.

Couple of months back I was at a book launch cum review of a book called “Leading Ladies” by Sudha Menon and I was so glad to read the book where she actually traveled to various parts of the country to meet these highly respected woman who have achieved great milestones despite the crisis & hindrances they had to face to be where they are today.

Just because you have the money (of course marrying a rich businessman who had all the money in the world at his disposal) to wear layers of make-up and pick the most expensive jewellery and sarees doesn’t make you a woman of substance! You got to be woman like Kiran Bedi, Kiran Majumdar Shaw, P.T Usha and many others to be in the league where they are today. I am sure thousands of girls like me will be glad even if they achieved 5% of what these women have done and be able to do something for the country.


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Jokes on Osama

This is an email forward by a friend and I just could not keep it to myself..So have a great time laughing out loud πŸ™‚


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Life and Death

I pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go.
And help us to be wise in times when we don’t know
Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way
Lead us to the place, guide us with your grace
To a place where we’ll be safe

– Sung by Celine Dion

As a child I often wondered and posed this question to my mom- “Mamma where do people go after they die?” To which my mom would reply, “darling they go to Heaven”. I just believed what she said until I started attending Sunday Church classes where I got to know that according to Roman Catholics there is a place called “Purgatory” where people arrive after death for the process of purification. Apparently, depending on the the sins one has committed in his earthly life he is led from purgatory to Heaven or Hell. (I am for sure going to Hell :P). Well that did satiate my curiosity for a while but not long enough for me to wonder what would Heaven or Hell be like!

A funny instance that I came across once:

A guy dies and goes to purgatory and is asked by St. Peter- “My son since you have not sinned much on earth let me give you the opportunity to chose between Heaven & Hell”

So the guy (smart a** that he was) asked St. Peter- “Can I take a look at both before I make the decision?”

To which St. Peter says- “Go ahead my son”

The guy takes a look at Heaven first. He is shocked to see a sad looking place, with people wearing white garments and looking all dull, pale and sad. He then goes to Hell and to his amusement what he sees- Hot chicks waiting at the entrance to welcome him, discotheques, a fountain of beer and all the possible delightful things he could have ever imagined was there. He quickly returned to Purgatory where St. Peter was waiting for him.

He said,” St. Peter I have made up my mind and would like to go to hell”. St. Peter asked him, “Are you sure? Because once you choose to go to hell, there is no returning.” To which he promptly replied, ” Yes, I am very sure”

And so he goes to hell all excited and thrilled to experience the unending ecstasy of death. On his arrival what he sees, fire burning everywhere, rotten bodies and misery surrounding everywhere. He is in disbelief beyond imagination and runs to Satan and says, “this is not what I saw. This is not the place where I wanted to be.” To which Satan replies in his satanic laugh,” That was our advertising department”. And then he orders his assistants to throw this man in the fire of hell.

What we often see is not what we get. I personally do not know if there is a life at all after death (though I am extremely curious to know). But what I do know and believe is, do your deeds on earth (of course good ones) and leave it there, because Heaven and hell are on earth itself. I find it very weird when people say you know what, I am an atheist.I don’t believe in God. I say to myself, good for you. Be that way!Β  Not that I have anything against them or their thought, but maybe I am just too traditional in my thoughts.

Once a priest asked me, do you follow the religion religiously? To which I politely said, No I don’t do everything that is religious, but I believe in leading a spiritually enriched life. Salvation is not only in Heaven but in every good thing you do on earth. I guess if you do not hold vengeance against someone, do not hurt someone on purpose, help people around you in small ways and do not kill, its just enough to be called Human on earth.


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Count your Blessings!

A 2 year old asks her mom, ” Mamma who created us?” , Mom, ” God created us.” Girl, ” Then God must be an artist.”

Reading this few days back, I was thinking, how true it is, what the little girl said – God must be an artist. Humans are suppose to be God’s best creation, and I am sure nobody would defy the fact. Even Einstein said that creation is definitely a power which is above all. Similar yet creative, powerful yet humble, we are all made in his image and likeness. He has made human beings so perfect, that the rest of creation will always be second in line. Our senses, our intelligence, our lives, just couldn’t be better.

But how often do we feel gratified and conceded about the fact that we are so blessed. Just imagine if one of your senses did not function well. Life would be a difficult path to tread! This post is inspired by what I read a couple of days back in the newspaper written by a journalist who I can never stop admiring. Not for his looks, nor for his personality, but for the sheer joy of life that he celebrates everyday despite being visually impaired.

I first met Subramani a year ago to talk about a client. He conducts himself like any of us would do. But the amount of knowledge he has at his disposal would definitely make anyone say, “WOW, He is definitely is a well read man”. After meeting him and interacting with him couple of times, my life was not the same. I realised how blessed I am, and thank God everyday for the gift of life. Here is a link about the life of Subramani in his own words.

Life is absolutely not easy and situations are the worst, when you have it all going against you. But then standing strong in the time of test, is something that defines a human being.

Here I have a beautiful story to quote from the Bible. The Book of Job is an exemplar of addressing the evil that constantly blemishes our relationship with God. Job was a very pious man, who had 7 sons and 3 daughters and was very prosperous, which was a sign of God’s choicest blessings on him. But then how could Satan bear all of this. He went to God and told him, this man is pious and God fearing only because he has everything. The moment you take away his wealth and happiness, he will curse you. God knew Job was not a man of little faith. However he put Job to test. He sends a ruach which destroys his fields and crops and the fire burns all his children. Job is left with only his wife by his side. But he still continues to pray to God and his faith is strong. Then Satan goes to God and says, let me try my way. God warns Satan not to kill him, so Job is struck with dreadful boils and is extremely ill. His wife tells him to curse God and not pray to him anymore. But Job still has his faith holding him strong and he does not ask for Divine providence.

Well most of us never ask or question God as to why has he blessed us with good things in life, but the moment we face even an ounce of misery we question God, why me?, why did you do this to me?,Β  and easily loose our faith. I personally have experienced God’s presence in my life and know how it is to have his divine mercy falling on you. It is tough to have faith, but even tougher is to hold it strong.


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Absolutely designed by God

Earth is the most endowed planet and God has definitely been partial to earth. He has bestowed beauty beyond description, amazingly marvelous for words which is difficult to fathom. I am absolutely in love with earth and feel so blessed that I can witness his handmade beauty. Of course being from the land that is aptly called God’s own country, makes me biased and proud at the same time. Nevertheless it is a universally accepted fact that Kerala has been designed to be acknowledged as the epitome of natural beauty. Here are a few pictures that are of the place where I now belong to πŸ™‚

And I would say, ” JUST FABULOUS”Β  πŸ™‚


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yeT tO awakE!!!!

Do I believe in conspiracy theories? I am not too sure. Too much of information out there on google which I and many of us feed on. What to believe and what not to depends on individual. I wish there was a system in our brains which could filter the information that it receives and then let it consume. Well too much to ask from the MAKER, isn’t it?

But then like the saying goes, “curiosity kills the cat” , (again here I am not too sure why has the person targeted cat, but whatever!), curiosity has been one of my many garments and I am too resistant to let go off it.Β  I have a question mark all the time, not that of confusion, but the very scary and demanding word as I like to put it “WHY”. I have to have a logical reason for everything, whether it is about my career, food, shopping, venturing out or anything for that matter. But then for sometime now (4-5 years) I have put a full stop to one question that keeps popping up all the time- Why do we pay or receive bribe for every little thing? If I have to get my a driver’s license done, I need to pay to an agent to get it done quickly, if I have to get my passport done, pay the agent and then the corp, if I need admission in a good college, need to pay heavy donations despite scoring great! I read somewhere that India happens to be the third most corrupt country in the world. Sigh!

I guess corruption is in our blood, we are born with it in our DNA. But then on the other hand, people are starting to realize the impending effects of it and areΒ  beginning to agitate. For instance, Jessica Lal case, where people stood against injustice and the more recent Anna Hazare‘s fast unto death for the Lokpal Bill which had been lying in the parliament with the bureaucrats for over 42 years.

Its not someone else’s responsibility to fight for our rights and injustice, it is high time we should realize our moral values that define what we are to a great extent. The mask that we wear all the time should be taken off, if we want to see a corrupt free country. Like it is said, “every drop in the ocean matters”, similarly if each one of us start somewhere, instead of blaming the politicians, the government and others, we can surely make a difference in the coming years.

After 63 years of freedom our country is still in fetters!

Here I would like to quote a line from Rabindranath Tagore‘s peom- “Into that Heaven of Freedom my Father, let my country awake!”


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