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Footsteps…..Reflection on Life

A man in his dream talks to God,

About trivial issues, concerns in his life,

His achievements, his joys, his good deeds,

His hope with every dawn, his plans with every dusk,

and in his dreams he would meet God at a particular venue,

And the venue was a beautiful seashore with the calm water reflecting  moonlight

And every morning he would wake up with a new thought to begin his day with

But our lives are not meant to be a flat straight line,

Like  waves highs and lows are an integral part that very much defines our lives

While this man would talk to God every night near the sea shore he would see another pair of footsteps besides him along with his

But then the time of test arrived, he had a lot of problems, set backs and negativity surrounding him

And then in his dreams he spoke to God like always, but then now he couldn’t see the other pair of footsteps besides him

For a few days he was wondering and then voiced out his opinion to God saying

“Dear God, when I was happy, everything was good in my life, you were there besides me

But now that I am in torment, in the saddest situation of life, you are not there with me!

God replied:” I walked besides you when you were happy and everything in your life was going good,

But when you were going through the testing times, I wasn’t walking besides you,  but I was carrying you in my arms, when your feet was bleeding, I was there to take care of your pain”


Contemplating on this thought, I was wondering, isnt it so very easy to give up or curse the situation and blame every thing around us? And the very common question that we throw at God is “Why the hell Me?”…..Humans that we are, its very difficult to see through the worst and the most pressing times.

The philosophy I live by is “Everything in life happens for a reason, we are the most loved creation of God, and how can he ever ever leave us alone, and its the faith that one should dwell on to have a blissful life”.


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cREATIVITy aT iTs besT!

This post is purely pictorial…..Yes you can only imagine the amazing talent and creativity that does behind the beautiful ads that people view every single day

BMW ad





image006 Orbit



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qUICk bITEs…..

Woman of Substance….

A daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, an aunt, a sister-in-law, a mother and of course how can I miss out on mentioning the most obvious….The Boss!…Yes she is there and is complete in every aspect of the term very aptly coined for her “Woman of Substance”…..Now I understand why God created Eve after Adam…..Well the logic is he had to create the most beautiful, sensitive, angelic, intelligent creation which definitely needs lot of time which God very generously did…

Well looking at the present scenario women are on a career spree…we of course have don’t wanna be limited to being homemakers any more, and our ambitions are such that sky is just not the limit. Here I would like to give an amazing example of ‘Women in power’. My office is a branch office with its Head Quarter in Mumbai and we are all together 5 teams all of which has woman team leads…..Wow! gives me a great sense of satisfaction to see guys reporting to women bosses because I know for sure that some day I am going to be there!

Health at its best….

Most of us take our health for granted….Accepted with the trend of working long and late hours one cannot do much about health….But then nothing is greater or above a healthy mind and body…..Simple things that we can incorporate in our day to day lives could be

  • Drinking at least 3 liters of water everyday
  • Try and get at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day
  • Avoid eating junk food as much as possible
  • Avoid skipping the 3 meals and follow the rule of breakfast  king size, lunch queen size and dinner like a pauper
  • If possible walk at least for 10-15 minutes every night after dinner
  • Exercise or do yoga everyday in the morning…Spending 15-20 minutes is no big deal. It just has to become a part and parcel of one’s lifestyle

The above mentioned tips will only help have a good health which equals to a sound mind better concentration at work equals to better performance and great results and then peace of mind at home…

bing with a big Bang

Well for those of you who are wondering what  is bing it is on the lines of Lord Google….Yes it is a search engine from MSN….The look and feel of it very soothing….It is very similar to Google and does similar things but of course according to me cannot beat Google….Not that I have explored it to the core, but what I saw of it, there is nothing new or unique about it and neither is it a evovled form of Google…Probably it will add new feautres later on after drawing enough audience or getting great traffic….But something that Google has done and with its magnanimity they hardly have threat from a competition…. Lets see if bing can turn around and be a threat to Google…

Junk it all


Junk has become a very generic term. Junk food, junk drinks, media junket etc…Of course what I was coming to is ‘Junk Jewelery’… the only aspect I love about junk…Did not realise when I started with may be a pair or two of earings which has now become a part and parcel of my life. ..To a great extent the reason is that you can give your self such a splendid and different look every single day….But then what is important is the right set of earings , necklace and bracelets..Even if you don’t wear matching necklace and bracelets every single day, changing earing and topping them up with wooden bangles which are in great fashion now, gives you such a trendy and attractive looks….I have a a special attraction to junk jewelery and in 3 years I have mangaed to have an awesome collection……And the best part is that most of it is roadside and not at all expensive….Yes most of my friends and colleagues ask me where the hell do I manage to get such amazing stuff and I just smile and say, explore the city…..


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Time is Tissue….

Who doesn’t value time? At least I don’t know anybody who doesn’t…But then at times circumstances are such that you can’t help but just let time take control….Had gone to drop Mom to the station and so confident that the train would be on time that I dint bother to call up and check if the train is on time or not. And to my dismay on reaching the station, got to know that the train was delayed by 5 hours…..And to add to the gloom sitting at the station and pondering what to do for the next 5 hours, the cloud turned dark, wind starting blowing as if nature was in fury and it started pouring. Mom and I were chatting all the while about major and trivial issues and every 15 minutes would look at our watches and feel God why is time taking its toll on us…..

IPL in South Africa = Loss to India

No I am not a cricket fan at all…..But then my job gets me involved in branding, PR, analysis, market watch etc….And knowing the popularity and buzz around IPL which of course cannot be ignored I just made a few observations….Since Indian has always been a commercial giant for cricket, after the IPL-II which took place this year in South Africa, SA has been hogging all the limelight which India possessed…..

  • Tourism is recession gained popularity in SA thanks to the IPL
  • Huge advertising investments in SA – courtesy IPL
  • Loss to the Aviation industry
  • A new concept called Brand South Africa came into existence

Animals too have PRIDE!

Let me elucidate that. Well ya this was like a little astonishing. Our family is animal lover and more so my dear mom……Since she was on a vacation to Bangalore for 4 weeks she of course missed her 3 pets, stray dogs whom she has adopted…..She would make it up for that by giving some left over food to the street dogs. What was really hard to believe was that the dogs would in the first place not just come running seeing the food, Mum had to literary call them and even if they came, they would sniff the food, if  they felt the food was tasty would have it or else would just walk away. Wow I mean looks like they have loads of choice….. Mum made sure that she gave them right combination of food, in the sense they wouldn’t have rice and sambar or chapati with milk……And we think stray dogs are senseless and unruly…..


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Honking = faster moving traffic ?

Monday the first day of the week,  beginning of the new week. I wonder how people get Monday blues…may be the day I’ll experience it I’ll know….But I am so damn pepped and fresh on a Monday morning after the weekend….It feels great to come to office and get back to the hectic mode….I mean one reason I love my job and am on a growth and learning spree.

Well since I live far from my office and travel by bus, have to go through the torment of the heavy traffic in the city especially on a Monday morning. According to me reasons for horrendous traffic on Monday morning could be due to the following reasons:

  • People returning from back to their respective homes after a weekend
  • People going early to the office than the weekdays
  • A heavy downpour on Sunday night
  • Many vehicles on the road after the weekend so difficult to manage the traffic

Brigade Road, Bangalore


Well since I use public transport, I often get to see the traffic and its behaviour. Everyone is in a hurry. Of course why not? Everyone has to reach office, school, college etc on time. Who the hell wants to face the brunt of the pollution and who on earth has the time n patience to wait till the vehicle ahead or besides you move ahead….If the signal is red and there is a vehicle ahead of yours how on earth can honking make it move faster I simply fail to understand.  This is especially the case with the state transport buses and the auto rickshaw drivers….They can kill you by honking non-stop…But then we can’t do much about it because they will just not pay heed to what you are saying!


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