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100th post special….

I am glad and my emotions are elevated as I write my 100th post… Its been close to 3 years since I started blogging and I should have ideally crossed this milestone long back. Never the less, I am glad that I started blogging because it gives me a sense of satisfaction when IĀ  write and share my views. With a lot of initial hesitance and uncertainty, I started as a naive blogger and today can feel the exuberance in me, every time I write a new post.Ā  And I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude and say a huge thank you to all my blogger friends without whom my blog would be just another rant script šŸ˜›

Well I must not miss out on mentioning a few important things that coincide with the completion of this post…Completed a year of marriage few days ago, got promoted at work, became an aunt to my cute nephew, got my passport done (like finally :P), went on a wonderful trip to Goa (till then I used to call myself such a looser :P)…..

It feels really amazing to be a part of the bloggers’ family….I may or may not have seen my blogger friends, not met them either, but have established a bond…Thanks for all your support, and I promise to continue with my crazy, serious, funny, satirical posts till the time I have access to the internet šŸ˜€


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