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10 ways to get over your X……

Well I am sure everyone of us at some point of time have had a relation which dint really work (glad for those whose 1st relationship worked)……Not that we dint give our best each time we were in a relationship but I guess some things are just not meant to happen…but yes don’t we love to fall a prey becuase at that point of time we thought that was the right thing to do……Or maybe it was the most beautiful thing to do……Well only if life had to be so simple and if there were no twist and turns,  joy, sorrow, wickedness, playing pranks, adventure, embarassments, the kodak moment, the envy moments, lust, care …it would be so dull and mundane……..

Well I have a few ideas/suggestions to get over your ex-relations(which are v practical at a time when one feels shattered, heart broken )…..

  1. Everything happens for a reason, and believe that reason is for good
  2. You are the best and you desever someone really aweosme
  3. If you want to get over the relation completely its best not to be in touch with that person, because somewhere some thoughts linger around and makes you feel sad
  4. Just think of all the possible things that the person did to hurt you, which of course you dint desrve
  5. Go out, make new friends, change your routine, do things that make you feel good
  6. Pamper your self in very possible way
  7. Try not to be a loner
  8. Keep your mind involved in something or the other……If you just lie down and think you will miss him/her
  9. Try doing things that you never did before, go trecking, partying, pubbing or join dance clases or anything that gives you excitment
  10. And last but not the least, keep your hook ready, there are many fish in the pond 🙂

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The heads that GOVERN us….

Yes  it is intended to be a pun when i say the Heads that are going to govern us. Like every other youth of the country I too want this country to be stable, economically, develop, great infrastructure, wonderful education system, non-corrupt government bodies and a clean and healthy jurisdiction.

But the point is we always blame things around us, who wants to anyway fling the mud on themselves or get into the dirty politics. I am not being a cynic when I say politics is a dirty game………But then I am just being realist and live in this persevernce which according to me is a constant belief without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous faliure. Well everyone’s talking about the upcoming election and newspapers and news channels are slpashing news all around, maybe even breaking news as to which politician with a new criminal record is contesting for the Loksabha elections and which bollywood celeb is joining either BJP or congress or any other political party….

Infact it is great to see and hear various media houses taking initiative on getting the youth to vote. is one initiative I have been hearing and seeing for at least 6 months now… The recent initiative that I read about was by one one of the leading newspapers which is getting youth to vote through rock shows. The campaign, dubbed ‘Shut Up and Vote’, urges youth to stop complaining about civic woes and to rush into action and vote to make a change in society. All this sound really great to me, but the point is even after we cast our votes, which ever party rules us, have they ever been able to do justice to the country? Again I am not just blaming the governing bodies here, it is us as individuals who are also responsible to make small contributions in our own way and make our country a better place to live in. For instance, we keep cribbing, ouot city is not clean, the sewage and the drainge systems are not well maintained and the garbage is just overflowing on the raods, the roads have pot holes and there is horrendus traffic in the city etc….But what do we do as individuals to contribute to reduce these problems, if not curb them? It could as simple as not littering the place, not throwing the chocolate or burger rappers on the road, not spitting out of our cars or bikes, adhere to the traffic rules….We say our politicians are corrupt…How many of us have our driver’s license without going through an agent, how often do we break traffic rules and get away by paying the cop, how many of us avoid using pirated CDs or don’t download them from the internet even before it is released? And of course the list goes on….So instead of blaming our governing bodies, which will of course never ever be clean, take initiatives in our onw small way and make a differnce.  To quote Rabindranath Tagore’s song, “Into that heaven of freedom my Father, let my country awake”….. 62 years of Independece but yet we are in fetters……..

I hope at least this time, we have a governing body that considers developing this country rather than filling their pockets….


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Dance has been a part of my life since the age of 4…….I started with Bharatnatiyam, then went on to learn western, bollywood, folk dance, jive, ballroom dancing etc….It is not only my passion but also my emotion because I can express joy, sorow, anger, fear, delight, excitment and so many other expressions with different dance forms… I have perfomed a lot during school and college days but seldom got the opportunity to witness it myself.


I had been to Kochi recently for the lauch of a perfoming Art Centre…..After the inaugural ceremony, there was a fusion dance performance for 2 hours…..It was awesome, beautiful, vibrant and breathtaking. It started with classical singing and then it was a fusion dance where the music was a mixture of western and Indian classical music. It was such a vibrant & gracefull performance. These artists had flow down from Delhi, Orrisa, Imphal, Chennai to perform. The whole performance was beautifully sychnorized and amazingly choreographed.



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God’s own country……

“God’s own country”, yes I am proud to be from that soil. Since I had never been to Kerala, I had always heard, seen pictures and shows on television on Kerala and its scenic beauty. I always had two places on my list which I wanted to desperately visit, Kerala & Goa….


I finally got an opportunity to visit Kerala……..Beautiful, awesome, sublime are just a few words that I can use to describe Kerala…..I visited Kochi, and I am still in that beautiful world of backwaters, Fish fry, appam and so many things……

Waking up in the morning with sun rays falling on your face and walking to the window and looking at the waters, such an awsome feeling…..We miss so much when we are in metros, with our busy day to day activities, in the hustle bustle….The early morning sun, chirping of the birds, the noise of water flowing, the cool breeze in the night……Yeah I guess that is why we go on vacations to such beautiful places so that we can take back memories that we can always cherish…..


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