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As the NEW YEAR ushers in!

At the very outset a very very Happy, Prosperous and exciting New Year to everybody, especially to my blog pals 🙂

Well 2009 had seen me traveling a lot to some of the most beautiful places in India….The year began on a a little sad note of recession hitting the market and things going from bad to worse…..But here is what one of the Australian company’s CEO had to say about India: “Since saving and planning for future is in the blood of Indians, although recession is witnessing many countries’ economy going really unstable, India is just experiencing a slowdown”. I was so glad to hear that. When people around the globe still talk about India as a developing country it is really fantastic to hear such comments and especially in the lean times.

About the traveling part, it has always excited me! To explore new places has a different thrill altogether……I traveled most to God’s own country as it is very rightly said. Every time I visited Kerala, it gave me a different thrill and joy. God’s creation has surpassed all the man made monuments that are astounding, amazing and all the possible adjectives added.

As the new year which marks the beginning of this decade has an attraction for me.  While there are lots of plans to be executed this year, cant forget the most funny and weird things that happened in the last year. To begin with the groom hunt for me began at home, but then I was and am given the liberty to find a life partner for myself with a few typical parents type conditions apply which is acceptable. The grooms that came to see me, Oh my God I would say were weird, funny, crazy, horrible etc.  There were some really great moments that I witnessed, getting promoted out of turn at workplace,  Iron Maiden’s concert, when my friend came down to Bangalore & spent 4 days exclusively with me, my best friend became an uncle to an angel little baby girl, got my first blog award etc….

The greatest loss to the music industry was the death of legendary MJ…

Well I did miss out on updating my blog in the last two months of the year, and I am going to make up for it…How can I end this post without thanking all my blog pals for regularly visiting my blog and leaving behind comments. It wouldnt be possible for me to continue blogging with out all your support.


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