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thE discounT seasoN!

I love the new year, everyone does. Of course along with glad tidings it brings you loads and loads of opportunity to shop 🙂 Yes you can shop and shop till you drop because there is sale all over the place for almost a month and a half. It is that tricky time of the year when you see SALE all over the place and it is so difficult to resist the temptation!

This is what most of the brand owners think, and to a great extent they are not wrong either. Well the flat 50% discount and upto 70% discount started sometime in 2005 and the first three years were great, as it was a hit among the mass. People would flood to various brands and pick up stuff at amazingly low prices. But then as years passed by and the discount season became half yearly, people lost interest and it has become more of footfalls in stores rather than increased sales. The reason being people know it is not just a one time discount and would be soon available in a couple of months again. Another big reason is that many people including me think that these discounts are very deceiving. Though the boards outside the stores read upto 50% off, in reality when you step in and check out the prices, you will hardly find discount on good stuff or anything which has a discount close to 50%. And the worst part to the discount is, even if one has picked up stuff with discount, ends up with either some defect or doesn’t last long.

But then the point is, what is the reason behind discount which is off season? When I say off season, I mean when there are no festivals around. People who have the money to splurge anyway; with or without discounts. But I wonder, are the brands are trying to cater to the middle and the upper middle class? In that case why such lousy sale or discounts?

Media has even called it a Virus 😛 that attacks twice a year summers and winters.  It is shopper’s paradise for shopaholics with most of the brands announcing sale. On weekends you see Malls and various shopping outlets crowded with people. But then I wonder what are the sales margins like?

Here is what a few people had to say about the ongoing sale in the city.

Ms Adithi, ” They are trying to get rid of all the s**t in the store”.

Mr. Steven, “They come and go and come and go… Bangaloreans are used to them by now but yes, they still manage to tempt you to spend.”

Mr Suneet, ” Its a good, if you get great deals.”

Mrs Vinitha, “this is the best time to buy something coz u end up getting more stuff for the what u would end up spending normally.”

While according to some its a good time to shop, for others it is just another time of the year. I would conclude saying, when something becomes repetitive it looses its charm!

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