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At my first job!

This word first has so many dear and fond memoirs attached to it. First day at school, first day in college, first crush, first love, first cellphone and then when one enter the big world of corporates – First job. Well when most of the teenagers are in college they look forward to entering the corporate world and earn their livelihood, thinking wow such an independence and power to spend!

It is inevitable for any youngster in today’s highly competitive era to take up a job and have career plans, unless one has a fortune left behind. But even in that case I think the present generation dictate their lives and live by their own rules and norms, which I think is definitely not bad if one can understand and define his/her life. Well after the most colourful and bright days of one’s life, comes the harsh reality –Β  job and career. For the rest of one’s life, one has to work and work and work, unless you take a career break or a sabbatical.Β  But then people like me who cannot sit at home and wile away time, would prefer working rather than just relaxing!

While all the gyan in the world about work and career sounds good and sometimes great, the truth is, it all boils down to how the organization functions and even more vital – how your teamlead or immediate boss is going to be. I know of many people including self, who have had and continue to have a dreadful time at their work place (now I have no complains as I am blessed with a good boss ). Sad but true, your immediate boss or teamlead can either make your work place heaven or hell. But then since I too was a victim, I thought of at least 10 things freshers can do to tackle or escape the catastrophe at work place

  1. FIRST IMPRESSION – First impression is the most important, so do your best to have not just good but great impression on your teamlead
  2. OBSERVE – Observe and keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Observe the reactions your teamlead throws at things and avoid the circumstance which will bring your boss’s fury on you. For eg, if your boss is punctual, don’t just be on time, be before time, it will surely impress him/her
  3. HOMEWORK – Do that extra bitΒ  of work. While it is said that your initial days at work is your honeymoon period, make the most of it and read up about the clients and the industry or else update yourself by reading news. This will help you answer questions when asked and will portray you as a person who is serious about her/his career. (Don’t you of course want that!)
  4. DIPLOMACY – Choose your words and be extra careful in what you say. One wrong sentence can land you into trouble for the rest of the term in the organization. (Like the famous proverb, “tongue is boneless, so let it not slip)
  5. NEVER CRITICIZE – Well you are like an ant in front of your elephant boss. Never ever make the mistake of criticizing your boss. Even if your boss says it is raining on a sunny day, just nod your head in agreement and smile. Bosses don’t like to be criticized, coz they have ego as huge as the Himalayas and think whatever they say is the word of God. When you are at the base camp of Himalayas, you can’t even think of criticizing
  6. GOSSIP – DO NOT INDULGE IN GOSSIPING. It will land you only in trouble. Just avoid people or groups, even though it may be tempting and exciting. Keep yourself miles away from it
  7. DILIGENCE – If you put in your best effort it will obviously reflect in your work. Your diligence at work will be a great thing to get you a reward
  8. RECORD OF WORK- Keep a record of all your work, contributions and tasks on a day to day basis. Will help you and will be your saving grace if your senior is b****y. Your boss will know what you are upto and will appreciate it
  9. THIRST FOR LEARNING – Every boss or teamlead likes to give gyan and share their experiences (even if it is crappy). So don’t hesitate to go upto them and ask for work and curiosity to learn or display your hunger for knowledge. It will all do the work of impressing and impressing the boss
  10. TEAM PLAYER – There may or could be a person in your team who is the devil, is jealous or insecure. Just play safe and do not ever get trapped. If the person tries to play dirty, be the innocent angel and you will escape. Displaying the quality of a team player is extremely essential for you to stick around for a long time in the organization

Well not necessary that the above things will 100 percent help you. At times your teamlead or senior might be extremely difficult. In that case if goes beyond limit, HR will come to your rescue. Because the best of teamleads or bosses need to showcase their abilities to the HR.

However, all said and done it is a mix of your talent, skill, luck, power of will and determination.


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My Little Alisha completes a month with us :)

I put us this up as my status message a few days ago on my gmail and within a couple of minutes I was flooded with congratulation messages and friends asking when did you have a baby? I just laughed out aloud….Well the message is misleading πŸ˜› Especially with a name like Alisha πŸ™‚ Thanks to my husband who christened our little kitten with that name πŸ™‚ Animal lover that I am (and thankfully so is my husband), one day I was about to leave for work when I heard a kitten crying her lungs out. I just couldn’t resist and started looking from where was the sound coming. I saw a man holding this bruised little kitten by neck and about to throw her somewhere. I just grabbed her and asked the man if I could keep her. He was more than happy to give her away πŸ™‚ And thus I had my little Alisha who has become a part of our family. Well with all her madness and naughtiness she is the apple of our eyes and oh yes, she gets bored of milk, loves curd and wants variety in food, or else just refuses to eat. Here are a few pictures of my naughty little Alisha πŸ™‚


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