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Prince of Darkness is back!

Who else but only Ozzy can be the “Prince of Darkness”. John Michael Ozzy Osbourne who is considered to be the Godfather of  Heavy Metal, revolutionized the music industry with his contribution to the heavy metal genre. In the good old days when having a career in music was considered as good as doing nothing at all and being termed as the black sheep of the family, Ozzy rose to fame with his British band, “Black Sabbath” as the lead vocalist. He was a school drop out and was apparently dyslexic.

I was never a big fan of Ozzy untill one fine day my best friend introduced me to some of his beautiful songs, dreamer, working class hero, Mamma I’m coming home etc….I was overwhelmed not only by the music but also the amazing lyrics….Ozzy has a very peculiar voice and his songs are psychedelic. If one likes rock and metal, it is very hard not to succumb to what I would call the ‘Ozzy temptation’.

Like every famous celebrity Ozzy was under constant media scrutiny……Not that he was clean….He was involved big time into drugs and God alone knows as to how did he survive….Of course after visiting rehabs  couple of times, he has given up drugs and is pretty sane now. There is this incident where he was so intoxicated that he was found talking to a horse…..I guess its because of the kind of limelight and fame that they get, they get into controversies….

Well all said and done Ozzy will be adored and will continue to have fan following…Good news for his fans is that he is back with his yet another album, “Scream” which will be released on June 15 this year. I am sure it will enthrall his fans and make them Scream more for Ozzy.


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Greener Earth

Today is ‘Earth Day’ . Most of the news papers and radio channels are talking about rising pollution level, trees being uprooted, global warming and its adverse effects, and will repeat the same on June 5, which is celebrated as world environment day. From Valentine’s Day to Labour Day to Father, mother, sister days, all of them are highlighted and blown out of proportion by the media. There will be special discount offers going, contest running etc, which ultimately results in nothing but year marking one particular day for celebration or may be awareness. Well I am not being a cynic here, but do we actually need these days to remind us of our responsibilities as citizens of a country or the planet?

Infact big corporates and organization make use of these days as they know for a fact that any initiative launched on this day will interest the media and will be written about. But sometimes it turns out beneficial to the society at large. For example corporate giants like Wipro, Infosys, Dell etc are doing their bit in contributing to the environment by reducing carbon foot prints, planting trees, encouraging employees to save paper etc, which are definitely fantastic initiatives and should be appreciated.

But I believe if each and every one of us contribute in our own little way, it will surely make a difference. Like every drop in the ocean makes it a difference, our small contributions like avoiding usage of plastic bags when we go shopping, not littering the surroundings and inculcating the same in our kids, walking to close -by places instead of driving down, controlling wastage of paper etc.  We do not need specific days to be reminded about keeping our planet earth green. Together we can definitely make a difference for ourselves and for the next generation.


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India is  a country which has a great talent pool….No I am not being biased when I say this. Being in the limelight is not an opportunity many talented Indians are showered with…..But there is no dearth of talent in this country…..A survey says that every human being is born with some or the other kind of talent, its for people to recognize and nurture it. Seldom do we realize the potentials we have and most of the times ignore God gifted talent…..

In a country and culture like ours, where mainstream education and then taking up a job which promises a monthly salary is a must. Any one who tries to break through the cliche  has to make it big or else is a looser and an unfit for the society. Parents will obviously not support fearing the so called relatives and the society at large.

My mom happens to be an exception. She always encouraged me to take up my passion and pursue it while in school as well as after that. She unfortunately wasn’t encouraged by her folks, hence she let her daughters pursue their passion.  She is also an exception because unlike other women watching the melodramatic serials, she would watch Discovery & Animal Planet, news and then talent shows. Dance India Dance happens to be her favorite show as it is a platform for talent from cities, villages & remote parts of India who are not trained dancers but have the talent. I got glued to the television and would watch this programme religiously  every Friday &  Saturday.

Dance India Dance is am amazing programme. It is the brainchild of the man who brought disco to India – Mithun Chakraborty. With the three masters Geeta Kapoor, Remo D’Souza and Terrence Lewis, the show is not only about breath taking performance, competition and fun, but about different styles & genres of dance. It is an amazing show which definitiely breaks the clutter and stands out.

With Dance India Dance season 2 coming closer to its grand finale, I am sure it would leave its audience wanting for more and waiting for season 3…..


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The Stress Factor!

I was wondering for quite a few days as to how do I start this post……What made me ponder so much was the fact that I am going to write about my experience which brought about a lot of change in me, my perspective and my thought alignment!

Enthusiasm, fun, challenges, adventures and craziness are few characteristics that could be inborn or acquired qualities in my growing years…..Perhaps being competitive & also being a performer rather than a participant or a spectator in school and then college led my behavioral pattern to be the same even when I entered the corporate world. Of course it is Darwin’s theory  ‘survival of the fittest’, and everyone who desires success would thrive on that theory. To quote a very simple example, amongst the new born pups or kittens, only the ones who can push the others and have maximum milk from their mother are the healthiest and survive, whereas everyone gets an equal opportunity to have milk.

But then we are of course the most intelligent beings on earth and we do it all the time but very subtly! As I entered the corporate world and exactly knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to shape my career, I too jumped into the rat race of competition and performance…..The entry was pretty smooth and I could easily manage completing the tasks assigned, meeting deadlines, performing much beyond expectations etc…..Felt all the more kicked when I got my first promotion within 7 months of joining! There was no looking back! But then rightly said ‘Life is not a bed of roses’ and soon enough I too faced the music where I had no clue how to dance….

Things went from bad to worse in my profession, the place I loved to go every day and dint know what Monday blues were, gave me jitters. My passion for job turned into tension and fear! I was still performing, but not enjoying and was constantly under pressure….I had scummed to Stress…..When I read articles on stress being the second largest killer disease in the world, where 11 per 10000 people were affected by stress, I would wonder what is it that people can’t have control over their minds? But after the 4 months of stress I realized how dangerous and fatal it can be. It is like a slow poison rotating in your body!

My confidence was shaken, I would have palpitation, get a cold feeling in my heart, and to top it all had hospitals rounds every damn month! I had no clue what was happening to me. I loved my previous organization, but then it came to a point where I just wanted to run away from the office. I finally quit my job and joined a new organization. That is of course not the solution. But then I have joined an organization which has better people.

It was  just a couple of days back when I went to collect my reports, fed up of the pricks (which rose from every month to almost every alternate week) when this doctor told me that I was undergoing sever stress and if I dint care of it I would have to see a psychiatrist or a counselor. For a while I was in a state of  shock. How could I of all the people have such a sustained problem of STRESS…..The doctor was considerate enough to explain me how stress can ruin my life and health and how important it is to indulge in destressing and non-competitive hobby or feel good things. And above all, how important it is to let go things and be ok if you are not always the best performer….

Realization dawned upon me! I understood that nothing is more important than being happy and having mental peace.  Everything will fall in place……

I wrote this post because I am sure there would be end number of young professionals who would be going through such similar experiences or even worst. One doesn’t have to prove to the world what his/her potential to achieve is…..If one is loyal to oneself the world will know! And any organization doesn’t care for its employees, all that matters to an organization is profit! And last but not the least have faith in God and yourself.


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oN a rAINy dAy!

I love the pitter patter of the rain drops…..The strange but familiar smell of the wet mud….the droplets on green leaves and the dark clouds…..With spring bidding adieu (in Bangalore it is spring most of the times) and monsoon knocking the door, poor summer dint get its share this time. But for a change Bangalore was surprisingly pretty hot in the month of March. It reached upto 38 degrees which is like soaring hot considering that Bangalore’s climatic conditions are very good and not extreme like other states.

A few observations & incidents that took me by surprise 🙂

There is a cute little 5 months old pup opposite my home, he kept starig at the sky when it started drizzling. I was wondering why and what was he doing, but then realised that it was his first rain 🙂

Bangalore weather sometimes behaves crazy, like eccentric! I remember there was this one day when it drizzled for 2 minutes and then would be sunny and this kept repeating for some 2 hours.

Bangalore used to be called the garden city. Very soon it will be called gardenless city as trees are being uprooted right left and center.

Malls are opening up every other month…..So people are more prone to spending time in Malls shopping and watching movies than socializing.

Auto drivers in Bangalore will always charge you over and above the meter whether it is morning, noon, evening or night. Big cheaters!

Well like everyother developing city, Bangalore too is loosing its charm and is becoming too commercial. Well can’t do mcuh about it!


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