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tHe iVORy cOASt sINGEr

Music moves one’s heart and soul….Different people, different choice, culture & education definitely influence choice and liking for a particular genre of music….Music can make one sway, dance, smile, feel liberated, go crazy and in my case it made me shout aloud “I want more” the first time I attended an African Jazz concert at IIM, Bangalore. This event was a part of Bonjour India, French festival in India, and I din’t have a choice but to attend this event. I am not a jazz fan so the the initial hesitation.

I thought I was going to get bored to death like the other jazz concerts that I had attended……The stage was dimly lit, all the musical instruments were well placed and there came a husky, deep and beautiful voice from behind the stage. Dobet Gnahor, a multi talented artist who sings, dances and plays percussion comes on stage and captures the audience’s attention in less than 2 minutes………This 26 years old artists is amazingly vibrant and versatile. Her music is a mix of Mandingue melodies, rumba, zulu choirs as well as jazz. She was performing to an audience who seldom enjoyed jazz and more than half did not understand the language…..Here is where language and culture no bar was apt…..The audience was enjoying every bit of her performance….The best part was that she involved the audience and made them sing in a foreign language which not many artists are capable of. This lady from Ivory coast is full of life and very down to earth….After the concert when youngsters and kids approached her for autographs she was more than happy to oblige them….

Here is a small piece from her songs…


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Wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented!

Innovation is the mantra of the modern era…..Every thing and anything that is new grabs instant attention. Monopoly was last heard of a decade back. Competition and winning it, is the new curriculum in B-schools. Amidst all of this where do the mediocres go? Should they be termed as losers or incompetent?

The market is cluttered, there are 100 choices, and we are bombarded with information, especially with Web 2.0 and of course with its upgraded versions. On the other hand there are remote villages that have just got lucky to get electricity for a couple of hours in the day, have some kind of connectivity to the town and and have prospered to have seen computers.

Is constant innovation the only aspect that we can dwell on? The wheel has been invented, one cannot reinvent a wheel , but can invent things that a wheel can enhance…….India is one country that has survived the worst recession the world has ever witnessed! When the whole world was in shambles, India was holding steady, had a ray of hope even though it was bleak. We talk of Globalization every now then and often emulate the US, UK and European countries thinking they are the world’s super power and have the best business and economic model. But then it proved so wrong! While the economies of the super power nations are still bearing the after shocks, India is running on a very stable market and in fact is seeing growth and profits already…..

IPL was definitely a big fiasco and India is still fighting against terrorism. Corruption is rooted deep inside, justice comes at snail’s pace, even after 62 years of independence we are paying the price of divide and rule, racial discrimination, female infanticide, dowry deaths are still prevalent in the society….But then we are also becoming a fast developing and evolved country. From beauty to brains we have won it all and have placed India if not shining bright, at least noticeable in the map of the world.

Like it is said grass is always greener on the other side, we often tend to get the wow feeling about other countries. The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and mentioning that I often forget what I read, in papers, on internet, what I see and hear, and the reply was “too much of anything leads you no where”. Competition is great, but outstanding with a focus! Emulating good & relevant aspects is best, but keeping the originality!


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