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Dear departed soul

It has been eighteen years and three months that I last saw you. Been so many years but I can still hear the echo of your laughter, the sparkle in your eyes every time I close mine and think about you. Still remember your charm and feel the warmth that your spread. You made quite an impression on me even if we met each other for just a few years. Though you’ve been gone for so long, you are always on my mind.

When you left for your heavenly abode I dint understand the meaning of death and had never even imagined that I will never be seeing you again. You left a void that no one could ever fill. The world had changed for me.kept waiting for years, thinking you will come and pick me up in your arms and it will all be the same again. But little did I realize that I was never going to see you. For years to come it was all about discovering and adapting to the most testing situations. You were no more there in person, but only in pictures. Wanted to hear your voice so badly at times but it seemed to fade away. Strangely graveyard started becoming a place which gave me solace. That once in a while meeting you felt like the best time I could have. So much peace, so much to catch up on, so many things to tell you, so many things to complain about. Love every bit of the tranquility in the conversations we have. So what if they are monologues, I know you are hearing them all.

I am sure you have been watching me all the while and know my deepest of secrets. In my growing up years, your better half always referred to you as the brightest star in the moonlit night watching me and saying hello with a broad smile. I still look at the brightest star and say hello. I often ask God, will I ever get to meet you? And he sends you in my dreams :). I haven’t heard from you for quite some time now. Hope to see you soon and catch up on so many things. Till then take care.


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