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The nEW agE mediA

While most of us ponder and strive every single day to enhance our client servicing and put our best foot forward, we often tend to forget that the most important aspect of our communication activities is to build relations and augment our connections. With the most of us being active on various social networking sites (SNS), it is a very easy and simple to keep in touch with people and create a database of people who are the key players in the communication industry.

I am sure most of us are aware of the various social networking sites, otherwise known as the new age media, and not only are a part of it but also religiously use them. But then the question here is are we effectively using these SNS? Most of us hardly spend time for obvious reasons, that we are too caught up with our day to day work. But then when we visit these sites at leisure, what do we look for? Entertainment, fun, keeping in touch with our school or college friends? But SNS today is much more beyond that. Looking at the present scenario where SNS is growing with leaps and bounds, one cannot afford stay away from it.

A few statistics below will give a clearer picture of the SNS and their popularity:

Worldwide SNS has increase by 25% and to quantify this the number of users have increased from 0.46 billion to 0.58 billion from June 2008 till now.

Figures keep changing and growing, but the point is where are we heading to? To put it this way, it opens a worldwide forum where, interaction, knowledge sharing and voyeurism will be enclosed within one finite space, where casual visiting, twittering and eavesdropping would merge to the point of being indistinguishable.

How to enhance the usage of social media?

This is a very common question most of us wonder. Of course it is not easy to maintain keep updating ten accounts. But yes the only solution is to alternate. When I say alternate, it means switch in between using these sites, for the only reason that one cannot not miss out on being on the various SNS, or at least the most chased after the sought after at this point of time. Lets go this way: choose any 5 SNS and stick to those till the time you discover that they are worn out and some other SNS has taken over. To start with you can have accounts on Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, Twitter, flickr. And most of us are aware of youtube which is  under the concept of video hosting/rendering. I am sure most of us are aware of Facebook and Orkut so here a guide to Linkedin, twitter and flicker

So to all the people who read this, Happy social networking!


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Does proximity really matter?

Humans that we are it is in our blood and nature to share our thoughts and feelings with someone or some people we are close to. (here I don’t mean just physically close)…..Who can keep things in a closet especially when you are extremely happy, achieved something,something exciting happening in your life, unpleasant things, when life’s ruthless, times when nothing seems to be going right…Well these are so routine things! Apart from this there could be things you would want to talk about probably….If you have slapped a guy, back answered or insulted your boss, asked a guy/girl out, had a sad date,  your jaw dropped when you saw a handsome guy and then you dropped when he spoke something, etc….

But here is something I have been doing since probably my high school. Well I was a complete tomboy in school, was an athlete and was big time into sports, so my core attention would be sports, extra curricular activities and yes studies also….Fortunately I had brains enough not to mug up things, could fare well in exams even if I studied the last moment which was anyways the case….Because of all these things I dint have much time for boys at that point in time…all my friends would be like either hitting on boys or being hit on……and then they would come to me with their heartbreak stories, or how to enhance their relationship, or how to break up etc….Well I was and I am very good at solving problems or rather giving them solutions which can be implemented…..

That was high school and thus somehow I became a person who people rely blindly on and come with all of their issues…..Now this is something that was a little weird for me to resolve and I am yet to come up with a solution for one of my very good friends. May sound very silly and trivial but thus it is…..My friend loves chatting on the net and she religiously does that every single day….One fine day she happen to chat with a stranger, a guy she had never met nor knew or heard from before….She started chatting as just another thing and now before she could realize, she kinda has got attached to him. Now here the issue is that she has never met the guy before, but yes has spoken to him…..He lives abroad and she in India…According to her he seems to be a decent guy but then she does n’t know where it is leading her to….Ya the most simple solution the obvious thing would be she shouldn’t have entertained him in the first place. Now that we cannot undo things, what she feels is she may fall in love with that guy. So in the first instance I told her, stop talking to that guy. How does it matter when you know you are not going to meet him in the near future…..According to her even if she stops talking to him, she says she has started missing him and is getting attached to him with every passing day…Now to add to her misery, she doesnt know if the guy feels the same way as she does and is absolutely clueless as to what has he on his mind for her, apart from the fact that he finds her intelligent,  sweet, geniun and caring.

Well I am still to figure out as to how to get her out of this situation, but then I was wondering, many a times we feel or believe that we can relate to a person only if the person is in physical proximity….But then, I also know of my friends and acquaintances who have fallen in love through social networking sites and today are happily married….So my dilemma here is as to what to advice her, to get over it and move on in life or to go with the flow till the guy expresses whats on his mind!


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