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Bangalore Metro – Rhetorical!

“History teaches us that men & nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives” – Abba Eban

Finally the much awaited Namma Metro started operating on October 20, 2011, much after the set deadline which was March 30, 2010. I wonder at times why does Indian Government have deadlines at all? Who has ever adhered to them? Well I am sure our Government has enough and more funds to bear all the delays and of course the additional costs of everything, right from raw material to labour to interest rates on the borrowed amount from other countries!

After the smooth running Kolkata Metro & the successful Delhi Metro, the IT city of India decides to roll out its grand and ambitious metro project to alleviate traffic woes in the city. Definitely a great initiative by the government. But of course with the most corrupt politicians waiting for every opportunity to fill their pockets, how could one every think of metro starting its operations on the dot! I read in the newspapers that the approximate cost of Bangalore Metro with the delay comes upto Rs 6400 crores, and and this is the cost of phase-I which covers 8.7 kms. Phase-II has begun and the cost is estimated around Rs 25000 crore which will cover an area of 70 kms. Ambitious again! I know I am being extremely cynical here, but then the public at large, rich & poor alike have to bear the brunts of the corrupt practices of these politicians. Of what I read, (I would like to believe the media here, though they blow things out of proportion) and also heard from an insider (political house), Mr. E Sreedharan, the managing director of Delhi Metro was to take charge of the Bangalore Metro as well. But then, knowing his reputation of finishing work as per the deadline, he was kept away from taking over the project. Isn’t it obvious that he wouldn’t be allowed to undertake any such projects, or how else will the politicians survive?

I haven’t taken a ride on the Bangalore metro yet, but i am looking forward to the test drive and will come back with my view or review of the metro and its functioning 🙂


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Sigh the new education rule in Maharashtra!

On a saturday morning was browsing through  various news channels when I got hooked to one of the news channels. Very strange the news was about the eligibility of a student to be able to pursue further education in Maharashtra. I say it was strange and of course weird because according to the Director of technical education for any student to pursue education in Maharashtra, not only does the student have to do his schooling from Maharashtra, but his parents too should have studied in the state.

I so escaped this ridiculous rule. I understand it has not been implemented, but how can one even think of such a rule. Isn’t being Indian more than enough an eligibility factor to be able to study in any state. It definitely pinches and feels terrible as many people like me who would like to study in Maharashtra or for that matter any state, cannot even remotely dream about it and why? because we not Maharashtrians. What has caste, religion or state from where one hails to do with pursuing or wishing for better education. And by the way we live in a secular and democratic country.

The news also said it applies only to engineering, hotel management, architecture, health sciences students. How disgusting can the government get. This seems to be inspired the British rule, “Divide and rule”.

I believe that every student in this country has the right to decide and dream of studying in any part of the country. I hope and pray that this rule witnesses a big set back and failure.


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