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100th post special….

I am glad and my emotions are elevated as I write my 100th post… Its been close to 3 years since I started blogging and I should have ideally crossed this milestone long back. Never the less, I am glad that I started blogging because it gives me a sense of satisfaction when IΒ  write and share my views. With a lot of initial hesitance and uncertainty, I started as a naive blogger and today can feel the exuberance in me, every time I write a new post.Β  And I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude and say a huge thank you to all my blogger friends without whom my blog would be just another rant script πŸ˜›

Well I must not miss out on mentioning a few important things that coincide with the completion of this post…Completed a year of marriage few days ago, got promoted at work, became an aunt to my cute nephew, got my passport done (like finally :P), went on a wonderful trip to Goa (till then I used to call myself such a looser :P)…..

It feels really amazing to be a part of the bloggers’ family….I may or may not have seen my blogger friends, not met them either, but have established a bond…Thanks for all your support, and I promise to continue with my crazy, serious, funny, satirical posts till the time I have access to the internet πŸ˜€


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mIXEd bAg….

Growing up or growing out

Growing up years are so much fun. School, competition, those bruises while playing sports, a tab of innocence with a dust of envy, the fragility etc, so many emotions and situations and yet they are the best years and you want to revisit them so often πŸ™‚ Then comes this scary phase when you are neither a child nor an adult! Absolutely hanging in the air, trying to figure out things. Confusion becomes your pal, your choices are many a times weird, impulsiveness becomes your second nature, indecisiveness is a result of perpetual wonder. OMG! feels like the world is coming tumbling down. And then there is this phase when you are all grown up like the ripened fruit. Your decisions are respected, advice acknowledged, choices accoladed. Feels like never being out of this phase, but then such is life. Phases and changes are a part of what we define as life. It can’t get stagnant and if it does, then there is some problem which you need to immediately fix.

While growing up is fun and full of memories, growing out is crazy. Friends are a major part of most people’s lives- social beings that we are. Giving a listening ear to someone in trouble or crisis is an essential element of friendship, which I am sure if not all but most of us do. Well I have always given a listening ear to my friends (though I am a chatter box myself), and well, I am not the agony aunt sorts. I suddenly realised one day, that the weirdest things my friends would tell me and think I would judge them, seems to be just another situation which needs to be dealt with. And then I started thinking to myself, am the weird types myself or have I just grown out of the years where things seem to be odd or incorrect? I remember as a teenager when one of my friends confided in me and told me that she lost her virginity and loved the fact, my jaw just dropped open in shock. I started telling her how it was not right and how it could lead to pregnancy or she might even get STD. Every time I think about this instance, I have a hearty laugh and my hubby refuses to believe I was so innocent :P. Jokes apart, nothing seems to shock me anymore. I have had a friend telling me something like being in this habit of changing boyfriends every quarter, because she gets bored with the guy, which is obviously a little to odd to digest. But I dint find it odd, instead gave her an easier solution to kill her boredom. Not that I can give solutions all the time, but sometimes the bulb in my grey cells just lights up :D. And a couple of days back when I was walking back home I was thinking to myself, is it odd that I don’t find things odd or have I just grown out of the weird feeling phase? Dint get an answer yet, but that’s fine, coz I read somewhere I guess, that instant solutions to problems of answers to questions are nothing but a frame of mind! Ouch scary!


From no sense of style to making one’s own fashion statements, every woman has this chapter registered forever in her life. The day a woman graduates from an eye blinker to a head turner, is wow I achieved it day for her. Who doesn’t like compliments? – here men and women alike! God has definitely made every being on earth in his own likeness and image, but yet humans distinguish, judge and assume about people by their appearance, which I think is a very shallow thing to do. But on a lighter note, girls love to dress. And if I am not wrong, most men have this misconception that women dress to impress them. But that is not the truth! Most women dress up or look beautiful not to impress men all the time (though we enjoy the attention especially when we are head turners), it is the confidence and the self appreciation that she enjoys. Who wants to be judged all the time? Let the fashion critics do their job. So what if I may not be as curvacious as Kim Kardashian, I am miss beautiful in my own way πŸ™‚ Those nice little things about a woman that sets her apart is so admirable. And the greatest blessing that God has bestowed on a woman – being able to give life and bring a new being into this world (of course the contribution by men is absolutely essential) is the ultimate gift in disguise. Well yes it comes with a package of hormonal changes, weight gain, mood swings etc., but I am sure the feeling is supreme and amazing πŸ™‚

Well I know it is neither women’s day nor mother’s day, but who wants a day to feel special. Every day is special in a women’s life and with both my hands up in the air- yayayayayyyyy to all the women for being the woman they are πŸ™‚


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As the NEW YEAR ushers in!

At the very outset a very very Happy, Prosperous and exciting New Year to everybody, especially to my blog pals πŸ™‚

Well 2009 had seen me traveling a lot to some of the most beautiful places in India….The year began on a a little sad note of recession hitting the market and things going from bad to worse…..But here is what one of the Australian company’s CEO had to say about India: “Since saving and planning for future is in the blood of Indians, although recession is witnessing many countries’ economy going really unstable, India is just experiencing a slowdown”. I was so glad to hear that. When people around the globe still talk about India as a developing country it is really fantastic to hear such comments and especially in the lean times.

About the traveling part, it has always excited me! To explore new places has a different thrill altogether……I traveled most to God’s own country as it is very rightly said. Every time I visited Kerala, it gave me a different thrill and joy. God’s creation has surpassed all the man made monuments that are astounding, amazing and all the possible adjectives added.

As the new year which marks the beginning of this decade has an attraction for me.Β  While there are lots of plans to be executed this year, cant forget the most funny and weird things that happened in the last year. To begin with the groom hunt for me began at home, but then I was and am given the liberty to find a life partner for myself with a few typical parents type conditions apply which is acceptable. The grooms that came to see me, Oh my God I would say were weird, funny, crazy, horrible etc.Β  There were some really great moments that I witnessed, getting promoted out of turn at workplace,Β  Iron Maiden’s concert, when my friend came down to Bangalore & spent 4 days exclusively with me, my best friend became an uncle to an angel little baby girl, got my first blog award etc….

The greatest loss to the music industry was the death of legendary MJ…

Well I did miss out on updating my blog in the last two months of the year, and I am going to make up for it…How can I end this post without thanking all my blog pals for regularly visiting my blog and leaving behind comments. It wouldnt be possible for me to continue blogging with out all your support.


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tAggalacious aGain!

Ava tagged me …..interesting way to know someone πŸ™‚

8 tv shows I like ….

  • Planets funniest animals
  • Man vs Wild
  • Walk the talk
  • MTV fully bakwaas
  • VH1 rock
  • Sex & the city
  • Channel V Lola Kutty show
  • Boogie Woogie

8Β  Favorite places to eat

  • 13th FLoor- Starters & Ambiance
  • Juke BOx -Sizzlers
  • Indijoe – Buffet
  • Barbecue Nation – Barbecue
  • TGIF – Everything
  • Prems – Pasts & Sizzlers (Pune)
  • Vohaumans – Cheese omlet – (Pune)
  • The Rogue Elephant – Pasta

8 things that happened yesterday

  • I was dazed and was suffering from spoonerism as I couldn’t catch up with enough sleep
  • The air hostess had to wake me up when we landed as I was fast asleep when the flight landed in Bangalore & I asked her how long will it take to land πŸ˜‰
  • Fought with the rickshaw fellow coz he decided to leave me stranded in the middle of the traffic and had to make my way to home while it was pouring
  • Spoke to someoneΒ  special for long πŸ˜›
  • Slept @ 8.45 pm & woke up directly @ 6.30 am this morning
  • My dog learned to shake hands finally, so he was thrilled to see me back home after a day and give a shake hand to me πŸ™‚
  • Gifted my mum the purse I bought for her from Mumbai
  • Had Earl great tea for the first time yesterday πŸ™‚

8 things I look forward to

  • A great weekend with someone special πŸ™‚
  • Partying @ my friends place
  • Cooking food during the weekend
  • Success of my events @ Opus, the next week
  • Prospective client agreeing to work with us basis my communication strategy proposal πŸ˜‰
  • Appraisal & Promotion
  • Watching Dil bole hadippa
  • Going to Delhi for my next event

8 things I love about Winter

  • The mist in the early morning hours
  • Dew drops on flowers & leaves
  • Cozing in my quilt
  • The warm rays of sun
  • Wearing lovely jackets
  • Having a variety of fruits and green vegetables
  • Beautiful early Sunsets
  • Feeling cold and wanting to feel warm

8 things on my wish list

  • To own a Audi A4/ or any of the new versions in 5 years from now
  • To go on a date with Will Smith
  • Perform with Metallica, Aerosmith Iron Maiden on one of their live performance concerts
  • Honeymoon in Miami/Hawii/Andaman
  • To go to Goa in the next 6 months
  • To buy a diamond ring for myself in a year’s time
  • Have 3-4 breeds od dogs @ home (which my mum will never allow 😦
  • To sit next to a pilot in mirage
  • To meet all the rock stars @ least once

8 things I am passionate about

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Music
  • Animals
  • Food/Cooking
  • Sports
  • Writing
  • Shopping

8 Word/Phrases I use often

  • Ya rite
  • What the hell
  • Oh Fish
  • Its for me to know and you to guess πŸ˜‰
  • What I was wondering was…
  • Well I suppose….
  • M so lovin this
  • Shut up ya….

8 things I have learnt from my past

  • Everything happens for a good reason
  • You don’t lie, you just don’t reveal the truth πŸ˜‰
  • Live a guilt free life
  • Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it is the moments that take your breath away
  • Its just one lifetime, so live it to the best!
  • Mistakes are the best, coz they teach you a lot
  • No question is every dumb(this is what I keep telling my juniors πŸ˜‰
  • Stupid is what stupid does πŸ™‚ (Remember Forrest Gump

8 places I want to Go or see or visit

  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Maldives
  • Miami
  • Hawaii
  • Andaman/Nicobar
  • Singapore
  • Paris

8 things I currently need or want

  • Someone to come & meet me πŸ˜‰
  • A cute little kitten
  • Discovery digital project
  • Designer saree from Soch πŸ™‚
  • Levis jeans πŸ™‚
  • My stolen cell phone 😦
  • A 2 wheeler
  • My hair to grow long till my waist, like really fast

8 People to tag

  • Spike ( I know he has been tagged but can’t miss him πŸ™‚
  • Varun
  • Madhavi
  • Shanu
  • Samkit
  • Nikhil
  • Chiranjib
  • Shivya

Well I did enjoy this one…Thanks Ava for tagging me πŸ™‚


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Cute little things!

Sometimes there is suchΒ  concoction of emotions that one doesn’t understand how to react to situations…..Ya its possible to have your feelings and emotions run out of control.And then if someone just comes up with something which is cute and brings a smile on your face isn’t that emotion priceless?

The cute little things in life makes moments so memorable and the whole chemistry so very special…..Friends are the only ones who can do such things for you…..


Thank you to my sweet friend for the cute little gesture which made me feel so special and cute πŸ™‚


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Is it a parallel UNIVERSE ?

It is so true about cosmic connections, intuitions, telepathy, sixth sense etc. I always enjoyed reading them in novel and loved its intensity in the movies till I experienced it myself.

We often think or may be believe to a great extent that we can feel the pain, turmoil, agony of our loved ones. But then who categorizes the veracity of it. The closer we get to some one ,( not necessarily family) we start getting emotional and connect to the person or people.

This may sound very surprising but for the past 9 months my best freind and I have been going through similar situations. Every time I would be in some soup and would be tensed so would he be. Every time I had a crush on someone, so did he, everytime I hated the guy who asked me out so did he hate the girl. Everytime I was depressed because the guy I liked things dint work out, it was the similar case with hime (of course in his case it was a girl). It was just 2 days ago that I called tell him that one of my friend has proposed to me he had the similar thing to tell me.Β  So I concluded that there should be some kind of connection, more than just deep friendship. I mean I would think it is a coincidence may be if it happened once, twice or thrice. But 9 months and similar situations, emotions, highs and lows is definately not a coincidence.

I am sure many of us experiecne such emotional wave in our lives, but then have all together different views and concept. I would say it is a parallel universe that we live in!


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THEY were mEANt to Live for SO mUCh mORe!

Music moves our souls….(of course only for music lovers)…….Its like Solace amidst the storms, comforts when you are hurt, entertains when you are stuck in a rut…Can sweep you off your feet (if someone uses it in a apt way to make you feel, you are the One), And yes one can also experience an altogether life in a different world, where you simply get consumed! Yeah various other things that music can do apart from the above mentioned……

But what I always wondered is about the stars who with their marvelous, incredible voices have made the whole music world so damn mind blowing…..I am a music lover and yes ROCK music tops my list, followed by Industrial rock, Country, Alternative, Rhythm and blues……The bands that I adore are Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Audio Slaves, The Doors, Creed, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana….and many single artists….. I feel every band has a particular style of music that defines them……I mean one can easily identify the number being played from Iron Maiden or a Pink Floyd, a Aerosmith , a Metallica and so on…..

When one thinks about especially Rock music, the first impression is “Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll”…..And its not wrong if people tend to think that way, because most of the rock stars are drug addicts and heavily into alcohol…It is their lifestyle or trend that they follow…some survive and go on to be great legends and some still go on to become great legends but don’t really survive to witness all that success…….

A few legends I think who could have made it great, but died because of OD(drug overdose) are Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin and Kurt Cobain ( he of course shot himself)……..

jim-morrisonJIM MORRISON:- He is best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of The Door, and is widely considered to be one of the most charismatic frontmen in the rock music history…..He died at the age 28 of a heroin overdose…..

janice-joplinJANICE JOPLIN:- She rose to fame in late 60s as the lead vocalist of Big Brother and then went on to be a solo artist….She ranked 46 on the list of the 100 greatest artist of all time…….She died at the age of 27 of a heroin overdose….

kurt-cobainKURT COBAIN:- He was one of the most sort after lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist of the famous band Nirvana….He was considered as the spokesperson of the GenX in world ofΒ  the rock music……He tried to commit suicide 6 times and finally his 7th attempt took him to his heavenly abode at the age of 26…..

Well the others who survived the drug addiction and are still alive are Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath…..and many others……..

Only if these artist had been able to cope up with their drug addiction and thought that they were meant to live for so much more than being reduced to die of drug addiction ………


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