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My Little Alisha completes a month with us :)

I put us this up as my status message a few days ago on my gmail and within a couple of minutes I was flooded with congratulation messages and friends asking when did you have a baby? I just laughed out aloud….Well the message is misleading 😛 Especially with a name like Alisha 🙂 Thanks to my husband who christened our little kitten with that name 🙂 Animal lover that I am (and thankfully so is my husband), one day I was about to leave for work when I heard a kitten crying her lungs out. I just couldn’t resist and started looking from where was the sound coming. I saw a man holding this bruised little kitten by neck and about to throw her somewhere. I just grabbed her and asked the man if I could keep her. He was more than happy to give her away 🙂 And thus I had my little Alisha who has become a part of our family. Well with all her madness and naughtiness she is the apple of our eyes and oh yes, she gets bored of milk, loves curd and wants variety in food, or else just refuses to eat. Here are a few pictures of my naughty little Alisha 🙂


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Strange but true!

A family of animal lovers that I belong to, couldn’t do much but inherited it. Its not only pets that I am crazy about, but any animal rite from an earthworm to squirrel to dogs or birds in the sky easily grab my attention and love admiring them. I grew up with animals around me. I remember my mum telling me that even as a 9-10 months old baby I would be thrilled to see animals and would not get scarred to go and play with them. In fact it was easier for mum to feed me food when dogs, cats or squirrels and rabbits were around.

But then recently I discovered something strange about animals. I never knew that animals too can be born with some genetic defects and be retarded. And it is really painful to see them. I thought it was most painful to see humans in such a state, but with animals its all the more appalling as they have to bear the brunt of human beings who care a damn!

I think if we realize that some animal is suffering, instead of being inhumane and throwing stones at them, if we cannot do anything for them we should not harm them either.

It was because of my sweet mommy that I realized that animals too can have genetic defect. I captured a few of them.

. This dog cannot see properly


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Is it a parallel UNIVERSE ?

It is so true about cosmic connections, intuitions, telepathy, sixth sense etc. I always enjoyed reading them in novel and loved its intensity in the movies till I experienced it myself.

We often think or may be believe to a great extent that we can feel the pain, turmoil, agony of our loved ones. But then who categorizes the veracity of it. The closer we get to some one ,( not necessarily family) we start getting emotional and connect to the person or people.

This may sound very surprising but for the past 9 months my best freind and I have been going through similar situations. Every time I would be in some soup and would be tensed so would he be. Every time I had a crush on someone, so did he, everytime I hated the guy who asked me out so did he hate the girl. Everytime I was depressed because the guy I liked things dint work out, it was the similar case with hime (of course in his case it was a girl). It was just 2 days ago that I called tell him that one of my friend has proposed to me he had the similar thing to tell me.  So I concluded that there should be some kind of connection, more than just deep friendship. I mean I would think it is a coincidence may be if it happened once, twice or thrice. But 9 months and similar situations, emotions, highs and lows is definately not a coincidence.

I am sure many of us experiecne such emotional wave in our lives, but then have all together different views and concept. I would say it is a parallel universe that we live in!


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Happy B’day Jim Morrison vs Immaculate conception!!!!!


December 8th….Happy B’day Jim(Morrison)……..Yeah today is the legendry singer’s 65th b’day…..James Dougles Morrison was born in the year 1943 in Melbourne, Florida ….Wel he was an American singer, songwriter, poet, writer and a film director with purportedly an IQ of 149…….


And 8th Decmber happens to be Mother Mary’s Immaculate conception…..The Church celebrates it as Mother Mary was created and born without the stain of original sin….

This morning I called my kid sister and had the usual chat with her……I just told her you know its 8th december……….and she was like yeahhhhhhh today is Jim Morrison’s b’day and then I told her, today is Mother Mary’s immaculate conception…..she was like Oh my god! I had forgotten…… I just laughed away……..

This reminds of one more such incident. My kid sister whose just turned 19 a month ago is a Rock head…..She lives on rock music……….We went to Church on sunday which was like a routine every week…..We open the hymn book and turn to the page announced by the choir and it read “Hallowed be thy name” and immediately she whispers……… Iron Maiden because one of their songs’ title is hallowed be thy name…………..


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