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Growing up or growing out

Growing up years are so much fun. School, competition, those bruises while playing sports, a tab of innocence with a dust of envy, the fragility etc, so many emotions and situations and yet they are the best years and you want to revisit them so often 🙂 Then comes this scary phase when you are neither a child nor an adult! Absolutely hanging in the air, trying to figure out things. Confusion becomes your pal, your choices are many a times weird, impulsiveness becomes your second nature, indecisiveness is a result of perpetual wonder. OMG! feels like the world is coming tumbling down. And then there is this phase when you are all grown up like the ripened fruit. Your decisions are respected, advice acknowledged, choices accoladed. Feels like never being out of this phase, but then such is life. Phases and changes are a part of what we define as life. It can’t get stagnant and if it does, then there is some problem which you need to immediately fix.

While growing up is fun and full of memories, growing out is crazy. Friends are a major part of most people’s lives- social beings that we are. Giving a listening ear to someone in trouble or crisis is an essential element of friendship, which I am sure if not all but most of us do. Well I have always given a listening ear to my friends (though I am a chatter box myself), and well, I am not the agony aunt sorts. I suddenly realised one day, that the weirdest things my friends would tell me and think I would judge them, seems to be just another situation which needs to be dealt with. And then I started thinking to myself, am the weird types myself or have I just grown out of the years where things seem to be odd or incorrect? I remember as a teenager when one of my friends confided in me and told me that she lost her virginity and loved the fact, my jaw just dropped open in shock. I started telling her how it was not right and how it could lead to pregnancy or she might even get STD. Every time I think about this instance, I have a hearty laugh and my hubby refuses to believe I was so innocent :P. Jokes apart, nothing seems to shock me anymore. I have had a friend telling me something like being in this habit of changing boyfriends every quarter, because she gets bored with the guy, which is obviously a little to odd to digest. But I dint find it odd, instead gave her an easier solution to kill her boredom. Not that I can give solutions all the time, but sometimes the bulb in my grey cells just lights up :D. And a couple of days back when I was walking back home I was thinking to myself, is it odd that I don’t find things odd or have I just grown out of the weird feeling phase? Dint get an answer yet, but that’s fine, coz I read somewhere I guess, that instant solutions to problems of answers to questions are nothing but a frame of mind! Ouch scary!


From no sense of style to making one’s own fashion statements, every woman has this chapter registered forever in her life. The day a woman graduates from an eye blinker to a head turner, is wow I achieved it day for her. Who doesn’t like compliments? – here men and women alike! God has definitely made every being on earth in his own likeness and image, but yet humans distinguish, judge and assume about people by their appearance, which I think is a very shallow thing to do. But on a lighter note, girls love to dress. And if I am not wrong, most men have this misconception that women dress to impress them. But that is not the truth! Most women dress up or look beautiful not to impress men all the time (though we enjoy the attention especially when we are head turners), it is the confidence and the self appreciation that she enjoys. Who wants to be judged all the time? Let the fashion critics do their job. So what if I may not be as curvacious as Kim Kardashian, I am miss beautiful in my own way 🙂 Those nice little things about a woman that sets her apart is so admirable. And the greatest blessing that God has bestowed on a woman – being able to give life and bring a new being into this world (of course the contribution by men is absolutely essential) is the ultimate gift in disguise. Well yes it comes with a package of hormonal changes, weight gain, mood swings etc., but I am sure the feeling is supreme and amazing 🙂

Well I know it is neither women’s day nor mother’s day, but who wants a day to feel special. Every day is special in a women’s life and with both my hands up in the air- yayayayayyyyy to all the women for being the woman they are 🙂


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Decoding life…in a city!

The city and its frenzy drives me crazy and seldom do I spend time thinking about the soothing and peaceful things in life. Every one is in a mad rush either to reach office, school or college. The moment the signal is green vehicles rush to the other signal like swam of bees rushing to attack someone! But then it is paucity of time, burden of work, the ever demanding lifestyles which we lead that leaves us with hardly any time to pursue anything else.

This post comes from what I experienced visiting a small village in Kerala. Amazing serenity surrounds your mind, warmth of people builds the emotion, a place where you want to nurse your questions about the delectable food and scenic beauty sweeps you off your feat. I would say Kerala is handmade by God. The very thought of coming back to the hep and happening metro city (Bangalore) saddened me. I wanted to spend more time in the arms of nature where lush greenery surrounds you where ever you go, lovely paddy fields sway with the evening breeze as if they were singing their mellifluous song.

But sigh I had to of course come back home which is one of the most advanced cities of India- Bangalore, where life is so mechanical. In city time is tissue. Yes I say that because people just use it and throw it away, memoirs of life in a city are as good as photos framed on walls, short lived and momentary and then just hang on the wall.

I grew up in a small town and much to my surprise, people are contended with everything in life. But my thirst for great exposure and quest for success drew me to various cities which filled my heart with great thrill. The glaring lights of cities, tall buildings, the fast pace of life, shoppers’ paradise, pubs, discotheques, the huge malls and at least a hundred brands to choose from was such an attraction for me. But then after 8 years of basking in the glory of cities and some extremely bitter experiences I realized, success, money, enjoyment seem to be bliss. But then like it is said, materialistic things are short lived, once maturity dawns upon you, all these things seem so shallow. All you need is peace of mind, body and soul. Of course, living in denial is not something that I suggest.

It is very essential to discover, grown in all aspects of life, crave for more and be successful, but at the cost of what is left to individual’s choice.


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Relationship, universally is one of the most beautiful part of our lives.  We are born because of one, we live in one, we grown in them and we make different relationships all through our lives.

Amongst the many relationships we make, relationship after marriage is the most beautiful, weird, surprising, crazy amazing and yes definitely full of discoveries. Even if you have known and dated the person for years before you get married, it still leads to discovering each other with every passing day.

Marriage definitely gave me jitters till the time I met that someone special who I could relate to, love and spend rest of my life with. Deciding and finalizing on the D-day, there are a few formalities that are required by the church for a couple to get married. Amongst the many others, there is something called the marriage preparation course which is compulsory. So out of compulsion, my fiance and I attended the course. But after attending the course, my views about that 3-day course plus marriage has completely changed, for better 🙂

Like I mentioned earlier, marriage is full of discoveries. Discovering about the likes and dislikes, passions, emotions, weakness and strength of each other. I remember the day I decided to get married to the love of my life and introduced him to someone who is like an elder brother to me, he said, “Guys remember one thing, marriage  is not about matching each other’s wavelength, but it is about being together and riding on each other’s wavelength. How true is that….

The first question I was asked in the session was, “how many times has he made you cry?” It was not to put my fiance to shame or embarrassment, but it was about what are young couples looking or expecting from their marriage. One of the faculty said this and I really loved it, ” Wedding is about the day you guys say ‘I Do’ to each other, but marriage is about saying “I DO” to each other for the rest of your lives”.  I honestly had jitters about marriage. Knowing myself really well, or at least believing that I know myself really well, I am a typical 21st century girl, who believes in being independent, has her opinions, takes decision without any qualms, knows her rights really well and will not take any s**t from anyone. But marriage is not about the kind of qualities each one possesses, but I guess its about how to match and understand these qualities. While we make many new relationships, it is definitely not going to be a very great experience, because there are going to be expectations, assumptions, presumptions etc which of course most of us hate, it is also going to be a lot of surprises, fun and unique aspects of relationships, which are bound to add to the experience and life ahead.

I feel the institution of marriage is amazing, though many of my friends would disagree. Many think it is a compromise, but honestly I think, when you think it is a compromise, you will not be able to sustain it for a long time as someday it is bound to take a toll on your relationship. Two different people coming together will surely have differences, but it is very important to know at the end of the day, what matters the most is the “Togetherness” that you guys are going to share throughout your lives, for better or for worse.


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Cute little things!

Sometimes there is such  concoction of emotions that one doesn’t understand how to react to situations…..Ya its possible to have your feelings and emotions run out of control.And then if someone just comes up with something which is cute and brings a smile on your face isn’t that emotion priceless?

The cute little things in life makes moments so memorable and the whole chemistry so very special…..Friends are the only ones who can do such things for you…..


Thank you to my sweet friend for the cute little gesture which made me feel so special and cute 🙂


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Does proximity really matter?

Humans that we are it is in our blood and nature to share our thoughts and feelings with someone or some people we are close to. (here I don’t mean just physically close)…..Who can keep things in a closet especially when you are extremely happy, achieved something,something exciting happening in your life, unpleasant things, when life’s ruthless, times when nothing seems to be going right…Well these are so routine things! Apart from this there could be things you would want to talk about probably….If you have slapped a guy, back answered or insulted your boss, asked a guy/girl out, had a sad date,  your jaw dropped when you saw a handsome guy and then you dropped when he spoke something, etc….

But here is something I have been doing since probably my high school. Well I was a complete tomboy in school, was an athlete and was big time into sports, so my core attention would be sports, extra curricular activities and yes studies also….Fortunately I had brains enough not to mug up things, could fare well in exams even if I studied the last moment which was anyways the case….Because of all these things I dint have much time for boys at that point in time…all my friends would be like either hitting on boys or being hit on……and then they would come to me with their heartbreak stories, or how to enhance their relationship, or how to break up etc….Well I was and I am very good at solving problems or rather giving them solutions which can be implemented…..

That was high school and thus somehow I became a person who people rely blindly on and come with all of their issues…..Now this is something that was a little weird for me to resolve and I am yet to come up with a solution for one of my very good friends. May sound very silly and trivial but thus it is…..My friend loves chatting on the net and she religiously does that every single day….One fine day she happen to chat with a stranger, a guy she had never met nor knew or heard from before….She started chatting as just another thing and now before she could realize, she kinda has got attached to him. Now here the issue is that she has never met the guy before, but yes has spoken to him…..He lives abroad and she in India…According to her he seems to be a decent guy but then she does n’t know where it is leading her to….Ya the most simple solution the obvious thing would be she shouldn’t have entertained him in the first place. Now that we cannot undo things, what she feels is she may fall in love with that guy. So in the first instance I told her, stop talking to that guy. How does it matter when you know you are not going to meet him in the near future…..According to her even if she stops talking to him, she says she has started missing him and is getting attached to him with every passing day…Now to add to her misery, she doesnt know if the guy feels the same way as she does and is absolutely clueless as to what has he on his mind for her, apart from the fact that he finds her intelligent,  sweet, geniun and caring.

Well I am still to figure out as to how to get her out of this situation, but then I was wondering, many a times we feel or believe that we can relate to a person only if the person is in physical proximity….But then, I also know of my friends and acquaintances who have fallen in love through social networking sites and today are happily married….So my dilemma here is as to what to advice her, to get over it and move on in life or to go with the flow till the guy expresses whats on his mind!


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Is it a parallel UNIVERSE ?

It is so true about cosmic connections, intuitions, telepathy, sixth sense etc. I always enjoyed reading them in novel and loved its intensity in the movies till I experienced it myself.

We often think or may be believe to a great extent that we can feel the pain, turmoil, agony of our loved ones. But then who categorizes the veracity of it. The closer we get to some one ,( not necessarily family) we start getting emotional and connect to the person or people.

This may sound very surprising but for the past 9 months my best freind and I have been going through similar situations. Every time I would be in some soup and would be tensed so would he be. Every time I had a crush on someone, so did he, everytime I hated the guy who asked me out so did he hate the girl. Everytime I was depressed because the guy I liked things dint work out, it was the similar case with hime (of course in his case it was a girl). It was just 2 days ago that I called tell him that one of my friend has proposed to me he had the similar thing to tell me.  So I concluded that there should be some kind of connection, more than just deep friendship. I mean I would think it is a coincidence may be if it happened once, twice or thrice. But 9 months and similar situations, emotions, highs and lows is definately not a coincidence.

I am sure many of us experiecne such emotional wave in our lives, but then have all together different views and concept. I would say it is a parallel universe that we live in!


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The Swaying factor!

I was surprised on being tagged by a guy……I dint mind it but then curious that I am, I wanted to know who this guy is….I had his email id and one fine day mailed him out of the blue and then after exchanging mails couple of times I invited him on gchat…..And then I started chatting……..It was ok till one fine day I get a call from a very strange number…….strange because it did not read like a cell number, or landline nor from abroad…….I tried to find out, but couldn’t or did not put in enough efforts to find out which place that number belongs to….

The wired thing about the conversation is that this guy is so damn confident about himself that he thinks any girl will fall for him……..He started the conversation with praising my voice……….I mean, its a nice way to sway a girl………but unfortunately not me! We spoke three times in a week and the third time we spoke, I realized that the guy was just flirting with we and having fun, which I wouldn’t entertain at all…….What I realized is my guesses and in fact intuitions never go wrong……….Sometimes I think Oh my GOD! I am so God damn judgmental………But it is for my good……


Well why I wrote this post is because I am very sure every girl goes through such phase or has a incident or two of this kind where some random guy calls her and just flirts around……..The best way to deal with this is, if you sense something really crazy or unsafe, turn him off, be rude and if even that doesnt work just don’t answer his calls……….Or else just enjoy flirting till it doesnt harm you……….


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