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Bangalore Metro – Rhetorical!

“History teaches us that men & nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives” – Abba Eban

Finally the much awaited Namma Metro started operating on October 20, 2011, much after the set deadline which was March 30, 2010. I wonder at times why does Indian Government have deadlines at all? Who has ever adhered to them? Well I am sure our Government has enough and more funds to bear all the delays and of course the additional costs of everything, right from raw material to labour to interest rates on the borrowed amount from other countries!

After the smooth running Kolkata Metro & the successful Delhi Metro, the IT city of India decides to roll out its grand and ambitious metro project to alleviate traffic woes in the city. Definitely a great initiative by the government. But of course with the most corrupt politicians waiting for every opportunity to fill their pockets, how could one every think of metro starting its operations on the dot! I read in the newspapers that the approximate cost of Bangalore Metro with the delay comes upto Rs 6400 crores, and and this is the cost of phase-I which covers 8.7 kms. Phase-II has begun and the cost is estimated around Rs 25000 crore which will cover an area of 70 kms. Ambitious again! I know I am being extremely cynical here, but then the public at large, rich & poor alike have to bear the brunts of the corrupt practices of these politicians. Of what I read, (I would like to believe the media here, though they blow things out of proportion) and also heard from an insider (political house), Mr. E Sreedharan, the managing director of Delhi Metro was to take charge of the Bangalore Metro as well. But then, knowing his reputation of finishing work as per the deadline, he was kept away from taking over the project. Isn’t it obvious that he wouldn’t be allowed to undertake any such projects, or how else will the politicians survive?

I haven’t taken a ride on the Bangalore metro yet, but i am looking forward to the test drive and will come back with my view or review of the metro and its functioning 🙂


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Chaos everywhere!

I am sure everyone around the world knows India for the diverse culture people live in, its growth & development, the ever booming Bollywood and of course the tourist attractions from Kashmir to Kerala, Goa to Sikkim, Rajasthan to Assam and the never ending list. But India is also known for its poverty, crook set of politicians and of course the undeniable corruption. Corruption in India is like ancestral property, passed on from one generation to the other. And very few people stand against it, because nobody wants to pay a heavy price for being honest.

While we all crib and whine about corruption and the corrupt politicians nobody has the guts to stand against it. But recently one man took a stand and is trying his best to a put a full stop to corruption and its menace that people have been bearing for years and years together. Anna Hazare is the man behind the popular Jan lokpal Bill to be passed in India. While the media blew his 13 day fast out of proportion, obviously they were getting great TRPs (television rating points), people were joining the crusade and voicing against corruption in their own ways. Government was under tremendous pressure and last it gave into Anna’s staunch demand and is willing to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. So I would say hurray to Anna Hazare 🙂

Mumbai was just out of the 26/11 terror attacks, when yet another bomb blast occurred on July 13, 2011. There is no place in Mumbai that is less crowded or not busy. Innocent people have to pay the price for the insensitive behavior of these terrorists. And then Miss Barkha Dutt goes on to say, ‘Spirit of Mumbai’. Reporting live from NDTV – Mumbai, “people are back to normalcy. The daily routine doesn’t stop. The local trains are moving and people are back on their feet resuming work and the regular life”. I mean does it even make sense to say such things, when you know people have no choice at all. They cannot accommodate fear, least they will have to sleep hungry! All we hear from the government is that “measures are being taken and we are doing everything possible to ensure people’s safety”. But honestly we are yet to see those measures in actions

Barely 2 months after Mumbai blast, we hear the news of Delhi blast. Feels like safety is not our right but an obligation that government bestows on us. Kasab is still enjoying 3 meals a day and the safety, infact high security from our country. I fail to understand what is the government waiting for? If all this while he hasn’t revealed any information about his group of terrorists, I have my doubts if he will give into the pressure any time soon.

With so much of chaos around, I feel that the animal world is much better than ours. They at least know and live by the rule of survival of the fittest. God has given humans brain & intelligence which we utilize worse than animals. How can humans be so insensitivity and cold blooded that another human life hardly matters. I don’t know what kind of future and life will I give to my child ( though I don’t have one now) with so much of spite in the minds or people!

In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, ” Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held, Into that Heaven of Freedom my Father, let my country awake”.


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