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100th post special….

I am glad and my emotions are elevated as I write my 100th post… Its been close to 3 years since I started blogging and I should have ideally crossed this milestone long back. Never the less, I am glad that I started blogging because it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I  write and share my views. With a lot of initial hesitance and uncertainty, I started as a naive blogger and today can feel the exuberance in me, every time I write a new post.  And I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude and say a huge thank you to all my blogger friends without whom my blog would be just another rant script 😛

Well I must not miss out on mentioning a few important things that coincide with the completion of this post…Completed a year of marriage few days ago, got promoted at work, became an aunt to my cute nephew, got my passport done (like finally :P), went on a wonderful trip to Goa (till then I used to call myself such a looser :P)…..

It feels really amazing to be a part of the bloggers’ family….I may or may not have seen my blogger friends, not met them either, but have established a bond…Thanks for all your support, and I promise to continue with my crazy, serious, funny, satirical posts till the time I have access to the internet 😀


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misS 21st centuRY!

So what answer do you get when you ask yourself, am I a 21st century girl/woman? Of course YES is the instant answer like the instant coffee,piping hot and refreshing in the initial few sips…..but then as you reach somewhere mid-way it gets colder and bitter. Even the greatest coffee lover in the world cannot deny it. Well this is the thing with most (if not all) 21st century women. The fact that we are bestowed with best education, are given the liberty to make choices, decisions are at our disposal etc., gives the boost to engrave in our minds and hearts that we are the 21st century woman. But then what I wonder at times is what defines being  a 21st century woman? Good education, freedom of choice, adapting the western culture, being able to smoke and booze and yet not be judged by the society or people surrounding us or walking back home late at night with no fear of being molested or raped? Or yet a level below, not being beaten up by your drunk or conscious husband/ boyfriend (educated men included), not being sold to brothels by father, brother, uncle or husband,  or being modern and yet keeping the traditional ties intact. Honestly I am confused!!!

Rape, dowry deaths, suicides due to in-laws harassing may sound primitive, but they still make headlines in our daily dose of news and very much exist in large numbers in our society. What we call a modern day life has lead to in increase deaths due to depression, loneliness, stress and pressure. Something astonishing that I read a few days ago was about the increase in the number of suicides by young and successful models. They define what we call the modern day, independent girl/woman, living life at the edge. But in the glaring lights of fashion and glitterati, they are all lonely beings who live in dark holes where drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are their  only friends and their path to solace! Very unfortunate indeed.

While fashion and glamour world is an extreme example of a girl’s modern life, there is something in between that exists which is equally dangerous and terminal. Its like cancer that crawls inside one’s body for a very long time and then finally kills the person. Most of us lead our day to day lives very normally without even realizing that something of this sort exists. As a woman, she is expected to be great at multi-tasking. Gone are the days when woman took pride in being homemakers. Today women live by ambitions, and dreams to make it big. But that doesn’t giver her the liberty to be a mediocre at managing things at home. Maids these days are not easy to get and even if you manage to get one, they are definitely far more demanding than you would be at your work place. What I fail to understand is the fact about women being constantly judged. Judged by parents – (is this seed going to reap fruits?), colleagues ( eg- who said a girl wearing short skirt is trying to seduce men at work or trying to get an easy promotion?), critiques – (Will Mamata Banerjee be able to transform or reform Kolkata? ) husbands – (if a wife does not manage her career and house equally well and pleases his parents and relatives she is not a good wife or is not as good as his mother.)

Success doesn’t come in handy, one has to strive and struggle to taste success. And for today’s woman I guess, it definitely comes with a lot of SACRIFICE, STRIVE & STRUGGLE.

While nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it is going to be this hard!!!


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Yet another

Yes I am humbled to received yet another award for my blog and I want to thank Khanum for awarding me 🙂

And I now present to you my award 🙂



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Count your Blessings!

A 2 year old asks her mom, ” Mamma who created us?” , Mom, ” God created us.” Girl, ” Then God must be an artist.”

Reading this few days back, I was thinking, how true it is, what the little girl said – God must be an artist. Humans are suppose to be God’s best creation, and I am sure nobody would defy the fact. Even Einstein said that creation is definitely a power which is above all. Similar yet creative, powerful yet humble, we are all made in his image and likeness. He has made human beings so perfect, that the rest of creation will always be second in line. Our senses, our intelligence, our lives, just couldn’t be better.

But how often do we feel gratified and conceded about the fact that we are so blessed. Just imagine if one of your senses did not function well. Life would be a difficult path to tread! This post is inspired by what I read a couple of days back in the newspaper written by a journalist who I can never stop admiring. Not for his looks, nor for his personality, but for the sheer joy of life that he celebrates everyday despite being visually impaired.

I first met Subramani a year ago to talk about a client. He conducts himself like any of us would do. But the amount of knowledge he has at his disposal would definitely make anyone say, “WOW, He is definitely is a well read man”. After meeting him and interacting with him couple of times, my life was not the same. I realised how blessed I am, and thank God everyday for the gift of life. Here is a link about the life of Subramani in his own words.

Life is absolutely not easy and situations are the worst, when you have it all going against you. But then standing strong in the time of test, is something that defines a human being.

Here I have a beautiful story to quote from the Bible. The Book of Job is an exemplar of addressing the evil that constantly blemishes our relationship with God. Job was a very pious man, who had 7 sons and 3 daughters and was very prosperous, which was a sign of God’s choicest blessings on him. But then how could Satan bear all of this. He went to God and told him, this man is pious and God fearing only because he has everything. The moment you take away his wealth and happiness, he will curse you. God knew Job was not a man of little faith. However he put Job to test. He sends a ruach which destroys his fields and crops and the fire burns all his children. Job is left with only his wife by his side. But he still continues to pray to God and his faith is strong. Then Satan goes to God and says, let me try my way. God warns Satan not to kill him, so Job is struck with dreadful boils and is extremely ill. His wife tells him to curse God and not pray to him anymore. But Job still has his faith holding him strong and he does not ask for Divine providence.

Well most of us never ask or question God as to why has he blessed us with good things in life, but the moment we face even an ounce of misery we question God, why me?, why did you do this to me?,  and easily loose our faith. I personally have experienced God’s presence in my life and know how it is to have his divine mercy falling on you. It is tough to have faith, but even tougher is to hold it strong.


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Absolutely designed by God

Earth is the most endowed planet and God has definitely been partial to earth. He has bestowed beauty beyond description, amazingly marvelous for words which is difficult to fathom. I am absolutely in love with earth and feel so blessed that I can witness his handmade beauty. Of course being from the land that is aptly called God’s own country, makes me biased and proud at the same time. Nevertheless it is a universally accepted fact that Kerala has been designed to be acknowledged as the epitome of natural beauty. Here are a few pictures that are of the place where I now belong to 🙂

And I would say, ” JUST FABULOUS”  🙂


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yeT tO awakE!!!!

Do I believe in conspiracy theories? I am not too sure. Too much of information out there on google which I and many of us feed on. What to believe and what not to depends on individual. I wish there was a system in our brains which could filter the information that it receives and then let it consume. Well too much to ask from the MAKER, isn’t it?

But then like the saying goes, “curiosity kills the cat” , (again here I am not too sure why has the person targeted cat, but whatever!), curiosity has been one of my many garments and I am too resistant to let go off it.  I have a question mark all the time, not that of confusion, but the very scary and demanding word as I like to put it “WHY”. I have to have a logical reason for everything, whether it is about my career, food, shopping, venturing out or anything for that matter. But then for sometime now (4-5 years) I have put a full stop to one question that keeps popping up all the time- Why do we pay or receive bribe for every little thing? If I have to get my a driver’s license done, I need to pay to an agent to get it done quickly, if I have to get my passport done, pay the agent and then the corp, if I need admission in a good college, need to pay heavy donations despite scoring great! I read somewhere that India happens to be the third most corrupt country in the world. Sigh!

I guess corruption is in our blood, we are born with it in our DNA. But then on the other hand, people are starting to realize the impending effects of it and are  beginning to agitate. For instance, Jessica Lal case, where people stood against injustice and the more recent Anna Hazare‘s fast unto death for the Lokpal Bill which had been lying in the parliament with the bureaucrats for over 42 years.

Its not someone else’s responsibility to fight for our rights and injustice, it is high time we should realize our moral values that define what we are to a great extent. The mask that we wear all the time should be taken off, if we want to see a corrupt free country. Like it is said, “every drop in the ocean matters”, similarly if each one of us start somewhere, instead of blaming the politicians, the government and others, we can surely make a difference in the coming years.

After 63 years of freedom our country is still in fetters!

Here I would like to quote a line from Rabindranath Tagore‘s peom- “Into that Heaven of Freedom my Father, let my country awake!”


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Decoding life…in a city!

The city and its frenzy drives me crazy and seldom do I spend time thinking about the soothing and peaceful things in life. Every one is in a mad rush either to reach office, school or college. The moment the signal is green vehicles rush to the other signal like swam of bees rushing to attack someone! But then it is paucity of time, burden of work, the ever demanding lifestyles which we lead that leaves us with hardly any time to pursue anything else.

This post comes from what I experienced visiting a small village in Kerala. Amazing serenity surrounds your mind, warmth of people builds the emotion, a place where you want to nurse your questions about the delectable food and scenic beauty sweeps you off your feat. I would say Kerala is handmade by God. The very thought of coming back to the hep and happening metro city (Bangalore) saddened me. I wanted to spend more time in the arms of nature where lush greenery surrounds you where ever you go, lovely paddy fields sway with the evening breeze as if they were singing their mellifluous song.

But sigh I had to of course come back home which is one of the most advanced cities of India- Bangalore, where life is so mechanical. In city time is tissue. Yes I say that because people just use it and throw it away, memoirs of life in a city are as good as photos framed on walls, short lived and momentary and then just hang on the wall.

I grew up in a small town and much to my surprise, people are contended with everything in life. But my thirst for great exposure and quest for success drew me to various cities which filled my heart with great thrill. The glaring lights of cities, tall buildings, the fast pace of life, shoppers’ paradise, pubs, discotheques, the huge malls and at least a hundred brands to choose from was such an attraction for me. But then after 8 years of basking in the glory of cities and some extremely bitter experiences I realized, success, money, enjoyment seem to be bliss. But then like it is said, materialistic things are short lived, once maturity dawns upon you, all these things seem so shallow. All you need is peace of mind, body and soul. Of course, living in denial is not something that I suggest.

It is very essential to discover, grown in all aspects of life, crave for more and be successful, but at the cost of what is left to individual’s choice.


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