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Bangalore Metro – Rhetorical!

“History teaches us that men & nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives” – Abba Eban

Finally the much awaited Namma Metro started operating on October 20, 2011, much after the set deadline which was March 30, 2010. I wonder at times why does Indian Government have deadlines at all? Who has ever adhered to them? Well I am sure our Government has enough and more funds to bear all the delays and of course the additional costs of everything, right from raw material to labour to interest rates on the borrowed amount from other countries!

After the smooth running Kolkata Metro & the successful Delhi Metro, the IT city of India decides to roll out its grand and ambitious metro project to alleviate traffic woes in the city. Definitely a great initiative by the government. But of course with the most corrupt politicians waiting for every opportunity to fill their pockets, how could one every think of metro starting its operations on the dot! I read in the newspapers that the approximate cost of Bangalore Metro with the delay comes upto Rs 6400 crores, and and this is the cost of phase-I which covers 8.7 kms. Phase-II has begun and the cost is estimated around Rs 25000 crore which will cover an area of 70 kms. Ambitious again! I know I am being extremely cynical here, but then the public at large, rich & poor alike have to bear the brunts of the corrupt practices of these politicians. Of what I read, (I would like to believe the media here, though they blow things out of proportion) and also heard from an insider (political house), Mr. E Sreedharan, the managing director of Delhi Metro was to take charge of the Bangalore Metro as well. But then, knowing his reputation of finishing work as per the deadline, he was kept away from taking over the project. Isn’t it obvious that he wouldn’t be allowed to undertake any such projects, or how else will the politicians survive?

I haven’t taken a ride on the Bangalore metro yet, but i am looking forward to the test drive and will come back with my view or review of the metro and its functioning 🙂


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The Day that never comes!

Well this morning my mamma says, ” Tomorrow you are not going to office”. I am like, why mamma? Tomorrow is the Ayodhya verdict day and it is not at all safe for you to travel. I was like taken aback because my mamma is generally not like that. But then I was wondering, an issue which started in 1992, almost 18 years ago even now it sends shivers down our spines, fearing what will the verdict result into?

What I fail to understand is, everyone of us want peace and bliss, we understand and have already faced the repercussions of the Bombay riots, the Godhra riots and many more, then why do we succumb to situations which arise because someone wants to impose their thoughts and norms on us. Thousands of innocent lives pay the price of selfish and greedy politicians or people in the same league!

September 24, 2010, Friday would be like an important day in the Indian history, because there is much more to Ayodhya verdict than just the settlement of ‘who owns the dispute land’ issue. There are actually five title suits before the court that it has to decide on even though its ruling will also dispose off dozens of other petitions, for instance – right to worship or pray, access etc. It is to be seen whether the court can settle issues that are historical or if  I may say mythological, which goes back as long as 1885.

One of the oldest suits which started in 1885 when Mahant Raghubar Das filed a tittle suit in Faizabad court to build a chabutra on the outer courtyard of the disputes structure, but his suit was dismissed on the ground that the alleged demolition of  the original Ram temple in 1528 which had occurred over 350 years earlier, and so it was too late now to remedy the grievance.

It was revived in December 1949 when some people broke open the structure’s locks and installed a Ram idol and articles of worship and the administration ordered the status quo that led to two separate civil suits filed on January 16, 1950 by Hindu Mahasabha member late Gopal Singh Visharad and Paramhansa Ramchandra Das, keeper of the Digambar Akhada in Ayodhya.

I was walking down Church street with my friend when we were discussing whether it is going to be a bandh or not, and then she said, “You know what it doesn’t really matter whether there is a temple or a Mosque out there. What is most important is, peaceful existence and humanity which is above any religion!. I completely second that.

For all the greedy, selfish and senseless politicians out there- How much more will they make innocent people pay for their stupid motives. Looks like even after 64 years of independence, India is still in fetters!


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The heads that GOVERN us….

Yes  it is intended to be a pun when i say the Heads that are going to govern us. Like every other youth of the country I too want this country to be stable, economically, develop, great infrastructure, wonderful education system, non-corrupt government bodies and a clean and healthy jurisdiction.

But the point is we always blame things around us, who wants to anyway fling the mud on themselves or get into the dirty politics. I am not being a cynic when I say politics is a dirty game………But then I am just being realist and live in this persevernce which according to me is a constant belief without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous faliure. Well everyone’s talking about the upcoming election and newspapers and news channels are slpashing news all around, maybe even breaking news as to which politician with a new criminal record is contesting for the Loksabha elections and which bollywood celeb is joining either BJP or congress or any other political party….

Infact it is great to see and hear various media houses taking initiative on getting the youth to vote. is one initiative I have been hearing and seeing for at least 6 months now… The recent initiative that I read about was by one one of the leading newspapers which is getting youth to vote through rock shows. The campaign, dubbed ‘Shut Up and Vote’, urges youth to stop complaining about civic woes and to rush into action and vote to make a change in society. All this sound really great to me, but the point is even after we cast our votes, which ever party rules us, have they ever been able to do justice to the country? Again I am not just blaming the governing bodies here, it is us as individuals who are also responsible to make small contributions in our own way and make our country a better place to live in. For instance, we keep cribbing, ouot city is not clean, the sewage and the drainge systems are not well maintained and the garbage is just overflowing on the raods, the roads have pot holes and there is horrendus traffic in the city etc….But what do we do as individuals to contribute to reduce these problems, if not curb them? It could as simple as not littering the place, not throwing the chocolate or burger rappers on the road, not spitting out of our cars or bikes, adhere to the traffic rules….We say our politicians are corrupt…How many of us have our driver’s license without going through an agent, how often do we break traffic rules and get away by paying the cop, how many of us avoid using pirated CDs or don’t download them from the internet even before it is released? And of course the list goes on….So instead of blaming our governing bodies, which will of course never ever be clean, take initiatives in our onw small way and make a differnce.  To quote Rabindranath Tagore’s song, “Into that heaven of freedom my Father, let my country awake”….. 62 years of Independece but yet we are in fetters……..

I hope at least this time, we have a governing body that considers developing this country rather than filling their pockets….


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Mumbai under constant scrutiny……


MUMBAI, the city that never sleeps, the financial capital of India, the bollywood habitat of the country, the fashion hub……….But does it have to pay the price of being one of its kind????? well I am sure many of us must be pondering over this after the recent terrorist attack on Mumbai………Well after expressing my grief and anger about the attack, I thought I was done. But my curiosity hasn’t stopped me from doing a little study and finding about the history of attacks that the city has been facing since 1993…..

  • The 1993 Mumbai bombings were a series of bomb explosions that took place in Mumbai on March 12th, 1993
  • In August 2003, two blasts occurred in the city – one at Gateway of India and another one at Jhaveri Bazar
  • 25th August 2005, the terror visited Mumbai,  two powerful car bomb explosions took place in South Mumbaidevi temple and Gateway of India
  • The 11th July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban railway in Mumbai…….
  • And of course the recent one on the 26th of nove 2008 we ar eall very well aware of.

My question is how many more? Is there a solution or we still have to live under constant menace? The context for what has happend in Mumbai is stunning only for those unware how a cocktail mix of wrong policies , official patronage to extremism and separatists movements have come together to destabilize India…. This only surprises those who do not know how India has been gradually relapsing into terrorist extremism between 1990 and 2008mumbai-2


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