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A deep, raw voice holds your attention for a while, making you wonder what the song and music is all about?   Then you want to listen to some more songs, and start paying attention to the lyrics and by the time you have heard 2-3 songs, she consumes you! Yes that is what Adele’s voice and songs do to you. Its an addiction you can’t get rid off! And must say this young 23 year old singer is extremely talented, along with her powerful vocals, she can also play the guitar, piano and percussion and the keyboard.

The songs that she writes makes one ruminate about how deeply she was in love and with what intensity she hates her ex! Her song reflects varied emotions of anger, revenge, heartbreak, self-examination and finally forgiveness. Not to mention her voice leaves an awe-inspiring and splendid effect on the listener. She has sung each song with great intensity and that translates into her voice and reaches your heart. Sort of pierces it through. You can feel the pain and anguish in the songs and wonder, such a talented & blessed person has gone through love-crisis and the best part of it all, it made her what she is today.

Unlike other artists who sell skin apart from theirs songs, and which of course is a talent, Adele has a very unassuming attitude and has a very mellow look on her face. At 23, Adele has achieved a great amount of recognition, fame and success. She won 2 Grammy Awards for her debut album in 2009 and in 2011 she won 3 Grammy awards – for record of the year, song of the year and best female pop vocal performance. In all she has won 24 awards thus far, which I am sure is a great achievement for any artist.

To sum it up, I would say, music industry gets yet another gifted and talented artist. Wishing Adele all the luck and success all through her career!

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Nothing else mattered when Metallica played in Bangalore!!!

After a wait of close to twenty long years, Metallica fans in India got an opportunity to witness their favorite rock band perform live. Metallica was slated to perform two shows in India – one in Delhi on the 29th of October & on 30th October in Bangalore. Unfortunately the Delhi concert got cancelled much to the disappointment of the fans who went berserk! But fortunately for Bangaloreans, the concert did take place and it was one helluva experience for me and the people who witnessed the concert.

Metallica coming to India was a dream come true for many many rock music and Metallica fans. India is a land of music and rock music definitely is a huge influence on teenagers and adults alike. In my husband’s words, ” I started listening to rock music after I heard Metallica at the age of 19″. Another friend of mine says, “amongst the many heavy rock metal bands, Metallica stands out for its style and music and so he loves it”. Bangalore has seen lot of rock concerts including Iron Maiden – twice, Deep Purple, Megadeth, Aerosmith, Lamb of God, Scorpions etc. and Metallica was the most awaited after all these concerts. The concert was expecting a crowd of 25-28 thousand people which went upto 35 thousand. Fans from Chennai, Kerala, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata & Delhi had come to witness the first ever concert of Metallica in Bangalore – India. One could spot fans with Metallica t-shirts, caps, banners and even Metallica name tattooed which was a spectacular view.  And oh it was crowded and crazy and NOTHING REALLY MATTERS WHEN METALLICA IS PERFORMING 😀

Well people had started gathering for the concert from 3 pm onwards, while Metallica was to perform at 8 pm. Despite the heavy showers of rain from 5.45 pm to 7.00 pm, fans reached and made it for the breathtaking performance. The band opened with Creeping Death which was followed by fade to black, fuel, sad but true, One, seek & destroy, Sanatorium, nothing else matters ….. James Hetfield, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist was full of energy and so were the other members of the band. The crowd was singing, waving hands, clapping and shouting their lungs out to the Metallica. With fireworks to give the fiery effects to the songs, it was truly an experience of a lifetime!

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sHakirA…..sHe wOLf


Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll well known as Shakira, a Lebanese Spanish and Italian mix is a heart throb who has made it big in the Latin American genre of music…How I love her sway her body! Born on the 2nd of February, this aquarian damsel is a multi- talented artist who penned songs and poems at the tender age of 8 years.


Who hasn’t fallen in love with the whenever wherever gal…She is amazingly flexible and has immense talent….What I love about her is that she puts in 100 percent of her talent, not just showing her skin….Like a true artist she uses all her talent which is fabulous! Shakira’s first english album Laundry service was an international success and gave her overnight fame…. She has adopted many genres which includes folk, mainstream pop and to a certain extent rock. Most of her songs are about her being a surviver and being alive,  self introspection and analysis. Adding a Grammy to her kitty, this talented lady has not looked back since then…

sHe wOLf

This is her first album in electro pop…The vedio is amazing , of course all praises to our belly dancer. Her expressions and enacting of a she wolf who is caged and is in rage is amazing. Well for all you people who havent yet seen or heard the song, here’s the vedio.



King of Pop will be IMMORTAL!


Today marks the 51st birthday of MJ, the eternal King of Pop…… How I wish he performed on stage one last time…..

Surrounded amidst constant controversy, right from his songs to marriage, to his surgery, paparazzies just wouldn’t stop chasing him. He  had to pay a heavy price for being a Pop  icon and yet managed to have millions of fans….

His songs were something that would move a vagabond on a street to a professor in a classroom, thus were the power of his songs…..He remains the only solo artist to compete 30 years in his career.All his albums sold in millions and songs were chart busters…Who can ever be a dancer like him…..He is just to marvelous for words or comprehension….

Despite the fact that this legend has brought together many artists on the same pulpit to perform, he was always a humble person and a lonely man….

At a phase of life where he was, it is very natural to indulge in things which are not accepted by the society and BTW who are these people in the society who decide what’s right and wrong! In fact they themselves are hypocrites of the first order…..

Yeah it is a melancholic feeling that MJ is not with us…We will never see the moon walk again…..We will never get to hear about his controversies and still love him for what he has given to the world….



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“I was watching this song Crazy by Aerosmith on VH1,  the show Sunday brunch and Aerosmith happens to be one of my fav rock bands. I was at my cousin sister’s place who is married for 5 years now. Well since it was a weekend, I had nothing much to do apart from playing with my 2 year old nephew, after a while I switched on the television  and starting browsing through different channels which stopped @ VH1….I had just started listening to this song and my bro-in-law walked into the room. He saw me watching the show and asked me if I was watching a rock song (with an expression as if I was watching some porn movie with my little nephew around), and I very casually replied yes and then he asked me if I listen to rock music & I replied yes. And then what, it was like I committed a mortal sin. He asked me how long was it and I again replied 3 years now and then he went on to tell me how I am anti-Christ because I listen to Rock Music….I know like most of you reading this post even my expression was, “WHAT THE HELL”…Probably he related it this way, in Church when we sing a hymn it is said we praise God twice, so if I listen to rock music probably I am praising Satan…I wanted to tell him JUST GET LOST….But my bro-in-law that he is I couldn’t say anything, but just give him a blank look.

Well this incident took place about a year back! But what made me write this post? Well the other day we had been out after the office to McDonald’s (which I hate), with my colleagues and one of our ex-colleagues was joining us. We were having a normal chat session about his future plans and work, new clients etc… All of us being music lovers and appreciate or rather have a ear for Rock music were talking about the songs when we all of a sudden started talking about horror movies and then here came the topic of Anti-Christ…..Hotel California by Eagles, I read somewhere if played reversed has connotations to the Satan and the similar thing about Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin …….

A thought just triggered in mind…….. How many factions exist in this world, we may be aware about a few of them. I am sure most of us have heard and know about Agnostic theism, Atheism…. Let me elucidate a few……


FREEMASONS- ‘Born in Blood’, that’s the religion that they live on. They are a secret society in deception & is concealed. Once you are a apart of it, you have no choice as in, you can’t get out of it. This will give a better idea


ANTICHRIST– According to Christianity is every act and deed that is against Christ and Bible. Something interesting that I found.

I would love to elaborate and write on each of them(which I shall surely do)

Well most of us believe in religion and have some kind of faith, depending on our upbringing, our mentality, the exposure we have, the place we belong to.  But then for everyone probably its a varied quotient. I wouldn’t want anyone to impose especially religion on me…..In fact I think most of us mold religion according to our convenience.

I would like to end with a quote from the book The Alchemist, ” Fear of suffering is greater than suffering itself”


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1 year as a PR Professional……

Wow……I completed a year on the 14th of January 2009 as a PR Professional in my organization (Hanmer MS&L)….It was a great year………With scary, weird, senseless, great clients, it has been a amazing year with a lot of exposure, learning and of course honing my skills with every passing day…I think the best achievement that I made apart from all the great work I’ve done for my clients, is that I got promoted the very next month after completing my 6 months of probation……..Of course I am happy and think its an achievement, this being my first job……….

First 3 months were really crazy and I was just thrown amidst loads of work with no idea how to execute each task assigned…Of course all thanks to my immediate senior who helped me understand the nitty-gritty of the PR industry and how to service the clients……But the 5th month of my job took a 360 degree turn and today I am performing better that people who have spend like 3-4 years in this industry……Yeah it may sound like I am boasting about myself, but very seldom do we get a chance do that…Don’t we? From basic executable of sending the updates to the client, I have now risen up to working on planning and strategizing as to take my client’s brand ahead……Gives me a real great feel & a kick every day to come to work and discover that I am just not doing the monotonous stuff………I get this satisfaction when I see my boss just blindly trusting me and not interfering with my decision on the clients I handle…..Amongst the various clients that I handle, the only client I hate to work with is Discovery channel….Though the client is based out of Delhi, I take care of all the activities in Bangalore. Initially when I was assigned to work for Discovery, I was so happy because it is a big brand top work with and of course an experience that would help me grow….Yes all of that did happen , but the unwanted pressure that is created on the people working for Discovery channel is damn irritating and is insane……But yes at the end of the day it is my client, so have to perform……

Apart from work, my office is really full of lively, fun loving and great people, which makes the work atmosphere really splendid…..And of course few of my work buddies are Rock music fans, which makes it all the more fun while we play the music and work……

Well this journey has so far been great and I hope it continues to be the same!


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Happy B’day Jim Morrison vs Immaculate conception!!!!!


December 8th….Happy B’day Jim(Morrison)……..Yeah today is the legendry singer’s 65th b’day…..James Dougles Morrison was born in the year 1943 in Melbourne, Florida ….Wel he was an American singer, songwriter, poet, writer and a film director with purportedly an IQ of 149…….


And 8th Decmber happens to be Mother Mary’s Immaculate conception…..The Church celebrates it as Mother Mary was created and born without the stain of original sin….

This morning I called my kid sister and had the usual chat with her……I just told her you know its 8th december……….and she was like yeahhhhhhh today is Jim Morrison’s b’day and then I told her, today is Mother Mary’s immaculate conception…..she was like Oh my god! I had forgotten…… I just laughed away……..

This reminds of one more such incident. My kid sister whose just turned 19 a month ago is a Rock head…..She lives on rock music……….We went to Church on sunday which was like a routine every week…..We open the hymn book and turn to the page announced by the choir and it read “Hallowed be thy name” and immediately she whispers……… Iron Maiden because one of their songs’ title is hallowed be thy name…………..


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