Determined to live!

28 Jan

Life is the greatest gift of God to the Universe and to mankind…..The very fact that we are formed from a single cell fascinates me and makes me say over and over again, Life definitely has to be a miracle.

Humans were meant to live for so much more, and that’s why we are the supreme being and rule over the plant and animal kingdom. This post is inspired by the movie 127 hours .

I often think are we destined to certain things in life? Or is it like mentioned in the novel The Alchemist, when you want to achieve something, the entire universe conspires towards it. There are philosophers and religious people who believe that we are born with certain pre-destined things where we have no choices like the family we are born in, our blood group, our religion, our sex…..ooops we can now make a choice there :P…well here I mean no offense to anybody…..Straight or other wise :)…And then there are the others who believe that our circumstances, our lives and destiny can me moulded according to our convenience. I am of a different opinion. I believe that while there are certain aspects of one’s life that cannot be changed, there are certain things that can definitely be worked out if one has the determination and the will power to do it.

All the while that I was watching 127 hours, there was this one thought that kept hitting my mind over and over again, “What if Aron would have just given up?” It was his sheer will to live and never give up attitude that helped him survive for 5 days under that boulder in a canyon in Utah., without food and 400 ml of water. The movie takes you into a journey where you meet this young mountain climbing enthusiast who loves adventure, exploring new places and is daring enough not to leave a message behind about his whereabouts. Another wonderful thing about this movie is that it makes you at least ponder over the fact that there are times when we do not value our loved ones and gift of people around us. Aron hallucinates about his parents, his girlfriend, his friends, but to his dismay they are far away. On the fifth day he finally decides to cut his arm and escape which he successfully does. And this incident did not stop him from undertaking adventures. He continues to be a mountain climber :). This movie is definitely inspiring 🙂

Most of us often give up very easily or blame our destiny. I would say someone with the “Never give up attitude and fight to survive” is blessed. Not many people can stand the test of time and survive, because it is of course easy to give up.

Life is either a darling adventure or nothing – Helen Keller


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