Touturing Nature…Why?

19 Jan

“Nature is not human hearted” – Lao Tzu.

We love the ever growing modern world we are living in…Who wouldn’t?  So what if nature has to a pay price for it.  Our lives are so busy, who the hell has the time to think about what is happening to our ecology?

A small observation – In the office if we take a look around we will be stunned to notice the amount of things made of paper we use. But well, who cares! Resources are there to be utilized. But what about when these resources are exhausted?

A recent study revealed, 4 billion trees are cut down every year for paper, which accumulates to 35% of the total trees. We are definitely disturbing the ecological balance and for sure are going to pay a price for it. But then at the moment who cares. Demand arises, supply increases and wants are fulfilled.

I travel by bus every day and a few days ago I noticed old and huge trees on either sides of the road being cut down. Reason being, road expansion. Of course a very valid reason to curb the traffic problem which is highly unlikely. I felt horrified but then  I can only do my bit to save trees. Most of us seldom realise that every little bit we do will help save nature. Since paper is available free of cost in the office we lavishly use it. Not even thinking once that natural resources are going to get exhausted some day. We keep littering places, men especially peeing on trees. Just imagine someone coming to your house and peeing on the walls.

Nature bestows its love, care and affection on us to get only ungrateful and insensitive hearts in return. We of course can’t go around planting saplings but yes we can at least do our bit and not waste products made out of trees.

This post is dedicated to Mother Nature for taking care of us and loving us unconditionally.



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3 responses to “Touturing Nature…Why?

  1. Benson

    January 20, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Nice post Val….and yes we can definitely do our bit by planting saplings and using paper wisely….taking 2-sided printouts and taking them when absolutely necessary…reading e-paper, doing bank transactions online, reducing the usage of cheques and using cards rather than currency notes etc etc.. In so many ways we can help save trees……i clearly remember that day when my cab driver was almost in tears when he was telling me how bad he felt when he saw a tree bn cut down..a tree which was more than 100 years old…more than a 100 years old…its nothing less than a murder…i think its very important for people to get emotionally connected to nature and understand its selflessness. Thats when we would do more than our bit to save it…..and abt the widening of road, no amount can help our insatiable need…..

  2. Valerine

    January 20, 2011 at 10:39 am

    How I wish Benson that there are many more people like you who take that small initiative in saving nature 🙂
    Liked ur points on reading e-paper, using card for monetary transactions 🙂

  3. priya

    March 4, 2011 at 11:21 am

    n still we use newspapers which has been piling up at benson n vals place…..


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