The Day that never comes!

24 Sep

Well this morning my mamma says, ” Tomorrow you are not going to office”. I am like, why mamma? Tomorrow is the Ayodhya verdict day and it is not at all safe for you to travel. I was like taken aback because my mamma is generally not like that. But then I was wondering, an issue which started in 1992, almost 18 years ago even now it sends shivers down our spines, fearing what will the verdict result into?

What I fail to understand is, everyone of us want peace and bliss, we understand and have already faced the repercussions of the Bombay riots, the Godhra riots and many more, then why do we succumb to situations which arise because someone wants to impose their thoughts and norms on us. Thousands of innocent lives pay the price of selfish and greedy politicians or people in the same league!

September 24, 2010, Friday would be like an important day in the Indian history, because there is much more to Ayodhya verdict than just the settlement of ‘who owns the dispute land’ issue. There are actually five title suits before the court that it has to decide on even though its ruling will also dispose off dozens of other petitions, for instance – right to worship or pray, access etc. It is to be seen whether the court can settle issues that are historical or if  I may say mythological, which goes back as long as 1885.

One of the oldest suits which started in 1885 when Mahant Raghubar Das filed a tittle suit in Faizabad court to build a chabutra on the outer courtyard of the disputes structure, but his suit was dismissed on the ground that the alleged demolition of  the original Ram temple in 1528 which had occurred over 350 years earlier, and so it was too late now to remedy the grievance.

It was revived in December 1949 when some people broke open the structure’s locks and installed a Ram idol and articles of worship and the administration ordered the status quo that led to two separate civil suits filed on January 16, 1950 by Hindu Mahasabha member late Gopal Singh Visharad and Paramhansa Ramchandra Das, keeper of the Digambar Akhada in Ayodhya.

I was walking down Church street with my friend when we were discussing whether it is going to be a bandh or not, and then she said, “You know what it doesn’t really matter whether there is a temple or a Mosque out there. What is most important is, peaceful existence and humanity which is above any religion!. I completely second that.

For all the greedy, selfish and senseless politicians out there- How much more will they make innocent people pay for their stupid motives. Looks like even after 64 years of independence, India is still in fetters!


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