Prince of Darkness is back!

28 Apr

Who else but only Ozzy can be the “Prince of Darkness”. John Michael Ozzy Osbourne who is considered to be the Godfather of  Heavy Metal, revolutionized the music industry with his contribution to the heavy metal genre. In the good old days when having a career in music was considered as good as doing nothing at all and being termed as the black sheep of the family, Ozzy rose to fame with his British band, “Black Sabbath” as the lead vocalist. He was a school drop out and was apparently dyslexic.

I was never a big fan of Ozzy untill one fine day my best friend introduced me to some of his beautiful songs, dreamer, working class hero, Mamma I’m coming home etc….I was overwhelmed not only by the music but also the amazing lyrics….Ozzy has a very peculiar voice and his songs are psychedelic. If one likes rock and metal, it is very hard not to succumb to what I would call the ‘Ozzy temptation’.

Like every famous celebrity Ozzy was under constant media scrutiny……Not that he was clean….He was involved big time into drugs and God alone knows as to how did he survive….Of course after visiting rehabs  couple of times, he has given up drugs and is pretty sane now. There is this incident where he was so intoxicated that he was found talking to a horse…..I guess its because of the kind of limelight and fame that they get, they get into controversies….

Well all said and done Ozzy will be adored and will continue to have fan following…Good news for his fans is that he is back with his yet another album, “Scream” which will be released on June 15 this year. I am sure it will enthrall his fans and make them Scream more for Ozzy.


Posted by on April 28, 2010 in Heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne


3 responses to “Prince of Darkness is back!

  1. Spike

    April 29, 2010 at 4:28 am

    yeah.. Ozzy rocks! and the “Prince of Darkness” title is apt for him. Do you know he bit a live bat’s head off during a concert! The story is – one of the fans handed him a bat and Ozzy thought it’s made out of rubber and bit it. Turns out, it was a live bat. he went and got a rabies shot after the event.

    Here’s an Ozzy joke-

    When Ozzy got high, he was talking to the horse you mentioned in your post….
    Ozzy: (approaching the horse) “hey buddy, got some dope?”
    Horse replies: “no”
    Ozzy: “that explains why you have a long face”

    Rock on, babe!

  2. Lynn

    April 29, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    yes ozzy was really good when he toured with Black Sabbath!!

  3. Valerine

    April 30, 2010 at 6:16 am

    Hey Lynn seeing u around after really long time….Thanks for the comment and dropping by and hope to see you more often 🙂


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