Blogs…..invitation to spams?

09 Apr

It is like this – most of us love reading stuff which is informative, entertaining, funny, maybe crazy or critical. But how how often do we actually think or even consider the fact that the blog we just read or visited could be a storehouse of spams having links (URLs) directing us to pages which may leave our PCs infected with virus. And you will have no clue where did that virus come from?


Splog or spam blogs are weblog sites which are designed to host spam and promote affiliate websites. These blog sites usually have trash or ludicrous data or may just have stolen or illegitimate content. Spam in blogs is basically posting of comments, links or ads and since it is a public domain, spammers take advantage of it and then leave their spams. It is the easiest and the most simplest means  as the one can easily have a fake profile and would like one of us. And the best means to spam is to tempt readers. The moment some one reads don’t click on this link , out of sheer curiosity one clicks and then ends up inviting spams. It is easy to scumb to temptation is nt it.

Now how do we differentiate from a splog and a blog?

  • Well in the first place try and avoid clicking on links which has a warning
  • If a blog expects you to download a software avoid it
  • Avoid giving out your personal information and the most common of all do not leave behind your email ids

Well like a wise man once said, “prevention is better than cure”

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  1. Jorge

    April 2, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    wow ty


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