How often do WE voice out?

20 Jan

This is like just one of the many incidents that has got me super furious and then feel so God damn helpless! Feeling wow I am educated, aware of my rights, live in a democratic country and yet just cannot reach the right means to complain or voice out my opinion….

Well among many set of principles that I follow sincerity in one of them…..I always believe that sooner or later sincerity and your hard efforts pay off….Well this time again my sincerity has given me a brief phase of anger and disgust! I was a user of Vodafone (post paid connection)…..In the first place its network sucks……….Horrible is an understatement……So I decided to switch back to Airtel, and since I had to pay the bill, I sincerely paid the entire amount and went ahead to discontinue the connection. There I got to know that the deposit of Rs 500 that I paid to get the connection could be deducted from the total amount of the bill to be paid….But I had already paid the bill, so there was no point in deducting that amount, but only to get a refund of my deposit which the guy at the service desk told me take 1 month. I was ok with that and after a month when I returned to the vodafone service store, there was another guy who told me it will take 3 months…I was a little pissed, but even then agreed and went back to return after 2 months, where sum other guy tells me there is no request placed for the refund…I was furious…He said, no problem, I shall place the request and in 15 days you will get the refund….And after that I have been to that store some 10 odd times waiting for not less that 45 minutes each time, getting to know different versions from every new person and its been 6 months now haven’t yet received the refund….

Well I have written a complaint to the vodafone care, but no reply….This is 1 such incident, I am sure everyone of us at some point of time go through such experiences and then forget about it, thinking that the system is dirty and I am not here to clean up the system, but if everyone heads with this  attitude, there will be no change…I am sure we all somewhere or the other want to raise our voices, whether it is unrequited prices of Petrol, or infrastructure of the country, taxes that we pay, the government systems and procedures….But then we just lay back thinking what difference can I alone make……But yes “a single drop does make the ocean”.


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4 responses to “How often do WE voice out?

  1. eye-in-sty-in

    January 22, 2009 at 1:42 am

    I had Orange – when i disconnected them it was Hutch. Like u, I had the post paid as well. I called them on Tuesday to get international long dist activated. Even after paying the bill promptly for 3 years, apparantly I didnt have a HISTORY with them to get it right away! I got thru after an hour of trying. They wanted my CC and ID, etc. I gave them everything and sent it via fax. Also made sure that the person got it. I was promised 3 days. I didnt call them again for 3 days. On the 3rd day, Friday, I called for an update – 30 minutes later I was connected. Then I was put on hold. Then the call got Disconnected. I waited thinking “they have my number, they’ll call me back”. 30 minutes – Nothing. Another 30 minutes later I was connected to another rep – explaining the story took another 15 mins. I weas put on hold. I told, if I get disconnected, call me back! Then he tells me, Its going to take till Monday as the manager is on vacation! WTF! I told him, pls disconnect my number! I dont need to pay more to get pathetic service. I went to a store around the corner and get a MTNL pre-paid number. 3 days later I had a calling plan with the same pathetic service, but I was paying less to get screwed! 😀 Plus I had instant international calling.

    When the vodafone dept called me to ask me for the reason (apparently, they could call me then, but not when the call gets disconnected!), I told the person – let me not waste my mind. I already have a new number. Sure, I did lose a number that I had for 5 years and I liked the number too, but then, what good is it if I cannot use it! right?

    I see that the change to vodafone didnt make any diff either. Its must be the same staff! Good clothes, and appearance, but sucky service! How about investing money in the network instead!

    PS: sorry for taking over your comment section for the rant!

  2. Valerine

    January 22, 2009 at 5:04 am

    Hey thanks….it was indeed interesting reading your experience, kinda empathizing sorts……How I wish some fraud takes place n they die doing crisis management……..

  3. Nikhil

    January 29, 2009 at 8:32 am

    Vodafony – thats what they are! Bunch of retarded nutcases! 😀

    Read my exploits with the fuckers here! 😀

  4. Rogier

    April 24, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    Hi Valerina,

    I share your concern. This is why I have posted this announcement as we are setting up with a few ex clients of Vodafon. We are not starting it out of frustration but because we see it as a principal responsibility to warn fellow members of society about Vodafone’s modern form of piracy. We have an unique concept to start a global platform to unite and mobilise Vodafon victims. Contact me if want more info or think you can help.

    Announcement to all victims of Vodafone’s modern form of piracy

    We are in the process of setting up an ‘intelligent’ website to bundle customer powers to take collective action against Vodafone. Later we will post the contact details. Please keep an eye on as we will launch it around the middle of May. We have an agreement with a lawyer who is willing to represent us in a no cure no claim basis if enough claims are put forward.


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