It is just…… a lITTLe cRUSh!

15 Dec


Yet another crush! Yeah its an ongoing process, guess in everybody’s life…M not the only exception here!

Let me go back down my memory lane exactly 10 years ago, when I had my first ever crush…..This is what I would term as a ‘SIN’ of my first ever entry into the world of  temptations and covetousness………My first crush apparently happened to be a priest, who was of course very young and good looking and was ordained (when a brother becomes a priest) just a year ago….Whenever I attended the mass, I would just keep staring at him instead of paying attention to the homily(a small sermon) and praying….Whenever I would speak to him, with every sentence he would say ‘my child’ and I would be like please no child…..But then I out grew it once I passed my 10th grade…….

My next crush was this sweet guy who happen to be my classmate’s bother….but of course that was very short lived…

Well after this for a long time ( 1 yr) I never had a crush on anyone…I know its strange!….But then I started working for a BPO and yes how could I not expose myself to crushes………Our trainee….Oh My God! He was steaming HOT…..And I just had a mighty crush on him…….But then it again dint last for long….. 3 months and all the steam just vaporized……..After that within 2 weeks I had another crush….This time it was my manager……….He was not at all hot, nor was he great looking, but he was so cute, adorable and of course very sweet guy…….The first time I ever interacted with him, I just was swept off my feet…..And then one fine day when I was giving this gyan to my very good friend on not to waste food & how so many people don’t even get 2 square meal a day and stuff……My manager(who I had a crush on) just turns around and smiles at me! I stood still and started blushing not knowing what to say and I just ran away from there…….

After this I kept having small crushes every now and then and it just fizzled out……..

But of course since its an ongoing process at least till the time I am committed(may be even after that), yet another crush bug bit me! This time, unlike he others, I just did not like this guy at the first instance……He had this huge attitude and would just not talk…I thought he was such a snob, arrogant, and wired guy! And then since he too is in the same industry as I am in, we kept bumping into each other….this lead to meeting more often, talking more often and then before even we could become good friends, I realized that I again had a mighty crush on this guy……I mean after a long time I had this huge crush on someone and someone who I initially hated!

Well I am sure many of us go through this phase, and I wonder where did this concept of crush come from??????


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2 responses to “It is just…… a lITTLe cRUSh!

  1. I cant control myself

    December 15, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Nice. At least you are honest with your thoughts. Has any of these crushes led to anything at all?

  2. Samkit

    December 16, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    Lol !!! You made me recollect all of MY crushes that I had down the memory lane … Well I but as a matter of fact had multiple crushes together, which makes me a desperado in my younger years lol !!! Well but one crush which would stand out was that I fell for a girl during my high school days, secretly admired her during my college days, used to dream about her during her last years in college, and then finally bumped into her before coming to the US, did talk to her after about 7 years of having a crush, exchanged information, then again co-incidentally ended up being with her in the same flight as hers while leaving for the USA, departed ways from London, and then suddenly out of the blue found myself talking to her over the phone, my minutes reaching like 3 figures over the weekends, ended up meeting her during christmas, and then …. 😦 The rest was history … Nothing happened further than that, eventually we lost touch of each other and lost the friendship too 😦 … But yeah those years and those time spent were the best of all !!! So basically I think getting into crushes is a great phenomenon to happen to human souls !!! lol !! Cheers ..


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