26 Nov

“Work is Worship”, oops did I just quote someone? Yeahhhhhh heard that numerous  times, especially when I was in college, all the faculty, so called the experts from their particular industries would time and again preach this to us. But how often do we end up in an organizaton where we have good bosses who make work worth worshipping, but make it worth abhorrence.

bossWell my first encouter with such boss was when I was interning in Mumbai with a PR firm. As usual the first week was cool, but then with every passing day it became appalling. I would just hate to go office and would wait for the clock to tick 5.30 pm so that I could just run out of office. But then I couldn’t help it as I had 2 and a half months to go. My boss was a lady and to my despair was a insane woman who was absolutely unpredictable and moody. One moment she would just appreciate my work and enthusiasm and the other minute she would just snap back. I just felt miserable and was waiting for the last day of my internship. The last week arrived …….and my joys knew no bounds. I was going home after 6 months and was going to be relieved from that hell never to come back again. She was very sweet to me in the last week and offered me to join her team (of course the organization) after I completed my course, to which I smiled and thanked her, saying to myself, I don’t want to be in torment for next 2 years of my life….

Well that’s my part of the story… Let me put this as a testimonial…..My dear friend!!!!!!! I feel really very sad as he has the most appalling boss ever. Every Friday my friend would so happy after work that he doesnt have to see his boss’s face for the next two days and sunday eveing would call up and literary say Oh God! tomorrow is Monday and yet another week of work. Imagine how sad it can get, one doesnt have mental peace at work place where one spends like 9-10 hours of the day……

Yet another friend of mine has a boss who just keeps odering him and assigns him assignmens of other colleagues only because they are not efficient enough and it has to be completed as per the deadline….

Thankfullydada for me I have a very sweet, understanding, level headed (of course with no hair on his head) boss, who is calm and is very supportive. Even if i have goofed up big time, he would not shout or embarass me….Just would make me understand that I need to concentrate more and learn not to make the mistake again. Because of this sweet gesture of his, I would never want to let him down and go that extra mile to perform better as a team……..

I wish all the bosses understand that even they were juniors at some point of time and have made mistakes……No one is perfect neither can anyone be!

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One response to “hORRIFYINg bOSSEs………

  1. Nikhil

    November 26, 2008 at 11:33 am

    A mob has many ‘heads’ and no brains! 😉


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