The 13th Floor

25 Nov

A wise man once said, ” To fall in love is great…………but to stand in love is even greater…..and to get out of it at the right time is the best!!!”. Well falling in love is not a big deal………but to fall out of it takes a lot of effort…….But yes, if there are no experiments and adventure in life, its not worth living…..Crazy and adventurous that I am, how could I not fall in love….and yes fell out of it also……….Well moving to a different city ( not that the city was familiar, but had been to Bangalore on vacations) with a new job, infact the first job, new people wasnt an easy task at all….But determined and courageous ME, who believes in making things happen in life set out on this new adventurous journey……

The first two months in Bangalore were rocking……..My best friend would fly down from Kochi(Kerala) every weekend and we would go to pubs and shop on Brigade & M.G road like crazy……But then after that life became a little monotonous with me spending almost every saturday and sunday in the hostel just listening to music…….Life was like a rut, going to work and coming back and doing nothing untill I went to Pune for my convocation and of course met my best friend Manish my advice guru….He gave me all the lecture I needed to pep up my life and then i started getting in touch with all my old friends in town…….

Well after this phase one fine day I get to know a guy through common friends……..We started texting each other and decided to meet the following weekend(Sunday)….We met and had a good, decent chat and then he aksed me what was I doing  the following week when it was a holiday on a weekday. I got the hint and said nothin yet and then decided to meet. Well he wanted to take me to a place called “THE 13th FLOOR”………since I had not been to that place before I was ok with it. And yes we meet on a Tuesday and headed to this restaurant. It is located on M.G.Road and is on the 13th floor of a building called the Barton Centre….The one word I would use to describe the place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!………It has little balcony and gives you the entire view of Bangalore which is just marvelous…….the place plays conciliatory retro music which makes the whole atmosphere so very classy and appeasing ……

 All in all I had a wonderful time and a cool date…………

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  1. Samkit

    November 26, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Hey Valerine … Just happened to visit your blog by chance through someone I know … Keep up the good work … Hope you create more ripples through your blog and I must truly say – an amazing name you have !!!




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